What are the perks of radio advertising?

Radio Advertising

We are on the verge of concluding the second decade of the twenty-first century and everything that used to shape the very world we knew, from the education system to modes of transportation to means of communication has been given a shot of the future. And, the medium of marketing and advertising have been no exception. Things that required a humongous amount of effort to be accomplished can now be easily done without breaking a sweat. Nonetheless, as the quote goes: “old is gold”, there are some of the age-old beliefs, theories, tactics, and strategies that still have their stronghold. And Radio Advertising is definitely one of them. As a matter of fact, irrespective of the fact that the introduction of many new age advertising techniques has taken the marketing and advertising world by a great deal of surprise, Radio Advertising still outperforms every single of them in many aspects.

It must be rather clear to you by now that today we are going to talk about some of the perks that Radio Advertising has to offer over other media of mass advertisement.

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So, without any further ado, let’s take a quick glance at why radio advertisement still rules!

1) Radio Advertisement sells with immediate effectiveness

Numerous researches have been carried out throughout the world that has time and again proven that radio is the one and the only medium that ceaselessly reaches the end consumers before and after they make up their minds for the largest purchase of the day. Imagine reaching out to a person on her car radio, right when she is driving towards the supermarket I order to get the goods of daily use. Radio advertisement has time and again proven to be worthy of the marketers’ investments by incessantly reaching out to the target customers and influencing their buyer’s persona.

Radio Advertisement
2) There is typically no place Radio cannot reach

Radio has been crowned as the oldest mobile medium used for the purpose of real-time mass communication through broadcasted messages. It has, in fact, also been recognized as the oldest mobile medium used for the purpose of real-time mas advertisement. As a matter of fact, radio advertisement, even today is the only true mobile medium that can be used to broadcast messages, music and even advertisements in real time. There are places where the internet does not work. But radio, it is typically everywhere. It is the still the quintessential medium of entertainment I most places, be it your car, your workplace, your home or at your ancestral village. And this enables radio advertisement to reach a lot more people than any other counterpart.


3) Radio is best when it comes to intimate selling

Do you recognize any radio shows where people call the host and place their requests for broadcasting their personal messages in front of all the listeners and dedicate songs to their loved ones? Of course, you do! The entire radio network is filled up with these type of shows. And, needless to say, they are super effective. But have you wondered why? The reason is simple, radio is the only medium that uses audio as a means of communication for entertainment, education and awareness purposes. As humans, listening to someone’s voice arouses a number of emotions within us. In short, we feel a lot more upon hearing things. And, radio advertisement leverages this simple trick to intimately engage the listeners.


4) Radio still is the most cost-effective medium

Radio advertising, unlike the newspaper, television or internet advertising, is the only form of marketing and advertising that offers regularly decreasing cost of operation for the advertisers. However, it also grants an ever-growing number of audiences to interact and engage with at the same time. One of the major reasons why radio advertising proves to be a lot cheaper than its counterparts is because it does not require any visual aids to complete the advertisement pieces, thereby saving a lot of money for the advertisers.


5) Radio is completely free from all sorts of advertising clutter

In a world where newspapers aggregate two third of the ad copies to merely one-third of the editorial copy and television typically spends most (almost one third) of broadcasting time on mindless advertising, radio, continues to moderate not more than ten minutes of radio advertising every hour. This means that radio advertisement consumes a less than one fifth out of the total broadcasting time on the radio station, thereby saving the listeners from all sorts of unnecessary and definitely irritating advertising clutter. This also means that the advertisers willing to spend their precious budget on radio advertising are definitive to reach out to quality listeners (audiences), which also makes radio advertising better than their counterparts.


6) Radio advertisement reach people too, but it is the frequency that helps the most

Newspaper and television based advertisements are developed and broadcasted in a way that they primarily reach varying numbers of people throughout a wider radius. However, psychologists have time and again conducted many pieces of research which prove that consumers (irrespective of the demographics) need exclusive exposure (of at least three times a day) to any advertising message in order to be able to penetrate and leave an influential impact. Nonetheless, with the ever-growing cost and completion for advertising in the newspaper and television industry, it becomes rather difficult for most of the advertisers to afford the mandatory advertising frequency of over three times in order to get the desired results. Radio advertisement, however, maintains the reach and most definitely the frequency of broadcasting any particular advertisement thereby enabling the advertisers to attain optimum returns of their respective investment on radio advertisement.


7) Radio advertising ensures that you always stay on the front page

Unlike the endless flow of advertisement copies buried within the pages of the newspapers, radio advertising is all about keeping your ad in front of the audiences all the time. Sounds confusing? Let us clarify it for you. Since radio works on the audible format, therefore there is no specific time of putting up your advertisement. Therefore, irrespective of the time a listener tunes in to a radio station, he or she will always have equivalent access to all the radio advertisements being broadcasted throughout the time he or she stays tuned in to that particular radio station.


8) Radio advertisement can be well targeted on the contrary to the popular belief

Radio advertising offers a variety of formats allowing the advertisers to precisely locate their respective target audiences based on multiple demographical and geographical alterations. Most radio stations accumulate the data and activity of their respective listeners based upon recording the time they tune in and in which locations. This data further proves to be of great help to the advertisers who spend their precious advertisement budget over radio advertisement.


10) Radio grants an active medium of broadcasting in an active society

While the numerous passive forms of advertising merely enlist the advertisers, thereby informing the target customers about the location and availability of the advertised products, radio advertising, on the other hand, offers a more distinguished way of reaching out to the target audiences. As a matter of fact, it offers the most active medium present in the industry of advertisement and marketing. All kinds of radio advertisements are well equipped to penetrate the target audiences, stir the right emotions within them, create a lasting demand and even sell the advertised products and services.

Radio advertising is still running hot amidst all other forms of mass marketing and advertisement platforms and it will continue to rule, in accordance to the numerous studies accrued out by the experts. So, if you are looking forward to placing your bets on radio advertisement (and you most definitely should) and are willing to try your luck for the right kind of promotion of your brand through radio advertisement, then we are the ones you can count on. And you know why! Because Creative Thinks Media has been and will continue to be undisputedly the best radio advertising agency in Delhi NCR.

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