5 Best Holi Advertisement Campaigns of All Time.

Best Holi Campaigns

India being the sanctum of numerous and diversified cultures since ancient times has always been proactive in celebrating a myriad of festivals throughout the year. We Indians are fond of celebrating in a privatized as well as communal manner from the birth of a child to completion of one’s education to seasonal harvesting of crops to praising the Sun God. In short, ours is a nation that celebrates anything and everything. As a matter of fact, it won’t be exaggerating to state that the spirit of celebrating festivities forms the very soul of our country. And, though these festivals present a great opportunity for fun and rejoice, they also extend a humongous contribution to the advertisers, thereby boosting the economy of the nation. And, Holi, as a festival is no exception.

Being one of the best advertising agency in Noida, we know how much efforts are needed to be put into making one such remarkable advertisement. So, here is a list of five best India centric advertisements, ever produced around the theme of Holi.


This is a three minute and twelve seconds short film produced for the sake of a social cause on behalf of the Eye Bank Association of India. The advertisement finds its plot set within the premises of Smt. Kamla Mehta Dadar School for the Blind. It depicts a short but intense story around the life of blind people and their ways of enjoying the festival of colors. The advertisement begins with an old man (who is depicted as the warden of the hostel in later periods of the ad) waking up to a silent morning on the very day of the festival and turning on his old radio which then begins to play the theme song for the ad. The ad blends in the combination of empathetic as well as festive emotions and is definitely a masterpiece created for the sake of creating awareness amongst the people of the nation around eye donation.

Alpenliebe Holi

A rather humorous take of 46 seconds on the ever vibrant festival of colors. This television commercial was created around the comic theme of a child fooling multiple people for being their child in order to simply get a few pennies and buy the brand’s candy. The TVC features a theme song for the brand “ye to holi manaye, ye toh chuna lagaye” throughout the advertisement. The ad begins with a child asking his father to spare a few pennies, which he uses to buy Alpenliebe candy. The scenario continues with the kid spilling colors all over his body and fooling two more people, a typical South Indian, and a Sardar character. The ad concludes with all the three men sprinkling a bucket of water over the kid as soon as the Sardar character reckons that he has no child and even isn’t married for that matter. Though, very simple and minuscule, this advertisement definitely served its purpose.


Another thought-provoking advertisement by the well-known brand Parachute Advanced hair oil that finds its plot around the life of the residents of an old age shelter during Holi. The advertisement is set in a backdrop of Shantivan Old Age Home and begins with an elderly man played by Sudhir Pandey, who seems rather excited with the arrival of Holi. However, the advertisement deploys a wide roster of characters throughout the TVC, it refrains from exhibiting a horde of dialogues. Furthermore, the smooth but definite transitions of a number of emotions portrayed brilliantly by the cast involved also add up to the overall brilliance of the advertisement, thus awarding it the success it achieved. The advertisement primarily focuses on propagating the message of against letting the vibrancy of the festival (as well as relationships) die out eventually with the theme “Ye Rang Hai Gaadhe Rishton Ke, Inhe Pheeka mat padne do”.

Surf Excel #RangLaayeSang | This Holi, let colors bring us together!

Almost everybody is acquainted with the fact that this particular advertisement has been through a lot of controversies lately. Nonetheless, no controversy can ever overshadow the sheer prowess (from scripting to storyboarding to the final execution) that was put in to create this advertisement. The advertisement takes exactly one minute to establish the foundation for sharing a rather strong message concerning communal harmony. The ad plot is set within the premises of a residential society with a group of children tossing color filled water balloons and dyed water on every passerby. However, the group is provoked into emptying their stock by another kid (a girl supposedly from Hindu origin) who comes riding her bicycle. The final plot opens up to reveal another kid in bright white kurta (a boy portrayed of Muslim origin) who is called outside by his friend on the bicycle. The duo is then shown to pass by the society compound without any hassle and stop outside a mosque. The precise cinematography and the sheer brilliance of all the child actors are what makes this piece of the ad so outstanding.

Ghadi Detergent | IS HOLI SAARE MAEL DHO DAALO #SaareMaelDhoDaalo

This last ad produced for RSPL Group’s Ghadi Detergent concludes within one minute and four seconds of screen time propagates against using Holi as an excuse for eve teasing. The plot of this television commercial is set within the streets of a typical Indian locality with a group of young boys abusively enjoying the festival of colors. The group locates two young girls and a boy from the group tries to harass one of the girls. Nonetheless, the boy is spellbound to receive an intelligent retaliation from the same girl. The ad is simple yet stands firmly on solid grounds against any propaganda around eve-teasing during the festival.

This concludes our list of the five best Holi advertisement campaigns ever made. And though, we cannot congratulate enough to each and everyone associated with the inception, creation, production, and distribution of these advertisements, being one of the best advertising agency in Noida, we definitely acknowledge the kind of hard work they had to put in.

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