Chabeel Day: A ‘Refreshing’ Approach To Religion

Guru Arjan Dev ji

Summer is here and so is the scorching heat. Doesn’t matter if you are at home or at a public place, it is always soothing to drink something that is cold and refreshing. In this situation, Chabeel a delicious, non-alcoholic drink is no less than a bliss. In fact, this drink is a story of bravery and diligence.

Creative Thinks Media, the best advertising agencies in Delhi NCR brings you the story behind the Chabeel day, which is celebrated as a Martyrdom Day.

It is a day to sing praises for Guru Arjan Singh, the fifth Guru of Sikh. When asked to change the Sikh scriptures by Jahangir, (a Mughal Emperor) Guru Arjan Singh didn’t accede. Following to which, he(Guru) went through inhuman torture. He tortured to sit on a hot iron sheet with burning hot sand being poured upon him by the Mughal Soldiers. The brave Guru didn’t utter a word of pain. Not only this, he was dipped into boiling water as well.

Guru Arjan Dev JIThis went for 5 continuous days. When a Sufi saint approached Guru to cure his wound stating, “he should accede to God’s will”, Guru Arjan Singh refused to be treated.

In the end, Guru Arjan Singh expressed his desire to take a bath in the Ravi river. Story claims, thousands of followers watched how Guru stepped into the water while chanting, “Sweet is your will, O God; the gift of your name alone I seek”. Chabeel is the remembrance of the torture Guru went through and how the river water relived him.

Since then, Sikh people celebrate Chabeel and remember the sacrifice of Guru Arjan Singh. They distribute free water to the public in the scorching summer of June to celebrate this martyr day.

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Chabeel Day Water Distribution

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