Top 10 Reasons Why You Need To Hire Advertising Agency

For business owners, it is always a confusion to choose between an advertising company or a direct advertising media. Many times, business owners go for direct advertising stating that it saves agency fees. However, this is only on paper, the reality is different. Agencies not only save money but also have other benefits.

So, today, we will be talking about the benefits of hiring an advertising agency.

  1. Presence of In-house experts: When you go for an advertising agency, you get a team of experts having knowledge of various marketing techniques and mediums. Specialists in an agency can bring an effective marketing strategy for any business owner. Moreover, you can’t find a person who has an overall knowledge of all marketing mediums and advertising methodologies at the same time. A team is always better than an individual.
  2. Negotiation for lower media rates: An advertising agency always has the option to choose from all the available media stations. The advertising media can then select the one that provides the best deal. Since they (advertising agencies) have a number of individuals to choose from, they can easily get low advertising rates. Moreover, when an agency buys media on a regular basis, it becomes important for media representatives to retain a business relationship with the agency and, therefore; media reps agree for giving service to agencies in a rate that retains the relationship.
  3. No need to train: When you go for a single media representative, you waste a good amount of time. How?

First of all, you will have to find a suitable person to hire. After hiring the person, you spend time in training the same. Sometimes, it might happen that the person you have hired for your advertising, might not fulfill your business objectives and needs. This can turn out to be a really bad decision for your business.

Moreover, hiring someone is another thing and training that new employee to meet your requirements can a bit tough and might take a month or two. Contrary to this, when you hire an agency the scenario is different. For the agency, you don’t need to train them or manage them. This way you save a considerable amount of time. With agencies, you can have clear expectations and you can accomplish goals as well.

4.Trusted council: Business owners are always in need of someone who can suggest better and out of the box ideas. They look for somebody who can answer their questions and also find the solutions.

For media representatives, it gets difficult to provide the best advice to the business owners. In fact, they are under pressure to close the deal and make a new client. But with the advertising agency,  it is different.

People at the advertising agency focus on providing satisfaction to their client rather than making money. They will provide marketing suggestions and decisions rather than giving honest advice. Moreover, as they work in a team and are hired on the basis of their talent, you can always trust the advertising agency.

5. They have more relation with media outlets: It is a matter of fact, agencies have relationships with several media representatives and executives. These relationships are being built over time. Advertising agencies use these relationships to get the best deals. After all, in addition to advertising, it also matters that whom you know and how they can be beneficial for you.

If you ask from agency people, they will say, they get benefitted in deals with their friends or colleagues they used to work for.  

6.Brand Building: In the scenario of running businesses, you can have difficulty in developing a new brand and undertaking the existing one can be a complex thing. But with the help of advertising agencies, you can go through it easily. They will originate logos and will execute a suitable advertising plan.

This will create brand awareness among people. On top of this, they carry out research and bring out the best result by targetting potential customers. Not only this, but the agencies will help you in creating exclusive ads for single every media. This will help you in achieving a better result and effective advertising.

7. Your success is their success: For advertising agencies, success comes only when you taste success. If agencies are able to grow their client’s business, then only, their success graph goes up. They do look for new clients but for this, they don’t leave their old clients.

Advertising agencies too, get a commission on getting new clients. But this doesn’t affect their way of working. They love keeping their clients and helping them(clients) to scale business.

8. They have the same prices as the direct media: It is a misconception that agencies charge more. But in reality, their charge is the same as the direct media vendors. For this, you can take two scenarios.

a. Agencies negotiate with individual vendors for settling on low media rates. This cost saving of media helps them(advertising agencies) to offset their agency fees.

b. Also, sometimes agencies do not charge any extra rates from you. This is because they get a 10-20% discount. This way, the agency charges the same way a media outlet will charge. Hence, you will be saved from paying extra fees. This brings a win-win situation for both business owners and advertising agencies.

9. Better Strategy: If you want to run a campaign successfully and get benefitted, you will have to be consistent in it. An advertising campaign will work only when a right message is promoted to the right people through a channel in such a way that brand recall is established. Therefore, it is highly important to have the right marketing strategy to bring effective results. For this, an advertising agency will help you in crafting a plan and putting it in place. The advertising agency will plan according to your business goals and requirements and after that, it will prioritize the plan.

10.Time-saving: In the field of advertising, you can’t deny from the famous saying “time is money”. A good brand promotion consists of proper and strong planning. This in return, takes a good amount of time. The results of this turn out to be lead generation and brand building in a quiet little time, which can be fruitful for your business. For this, you will need an agency that can plan a perfect market strategy and is time-saving. When you go to an advertising agency, you will get specialists for in visualizing and implementing the campaigns in a timely manner. These specialists have knowledge of every niche of marketing.

The above reasons are enough to tell how advertising agencies are better for your business. The best thing about them is once you hire them, you don’t have to worry about the things. The agencies will take care of the daily operations and will make an effort in expanding your business. Moreover, hiring an agency will be way too cost effective and time-saving. Being partnered with media representatives, they can fix the best deal in low rates. By this way, you can utilize the saved amount for your running your market campaign.

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