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10 Best Brand Campaigns Of India To Encourage You

Have you ever come across an ad campaign that has changed your way of looking at brands? It's fair to say you have at least once because everyone loves a campaign that hits hearts. Typically the best ads have fantastic underlying thinking, for which the viewer can easily connect.

10 Best Brand Campaigns Of India To Encourage You

The interesting thing about these thoughts is that they make one thing happen to you: marketing is all about making a positive connection. The better the link, the more likely people will remember. People end up talking about their own experiences linked to the underlying thinking in this way, and therefore the company often gets a lot of good ads. 

Now it's time to get motivated because these 10 brand ads are sure to change the way you think about marketing.

1. Ariel Matic – # TheLoadShare

Top 10 Best Brand Campaigns 2020

This ad campaign spoke about how things like washing laundry are not just the work for a woman. One of the advertisements showed the father discovering that his daughter, who is a skilled worker, has several tasks at her disposal. So he agrees to help her out by doing the laundry duties in the home and sharing the load.

By the way, you knew this ad went so viral that even Facebook's Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg lauded the ad by saying the ad helped shift perceptions.

It showed that there will certainly be a better future in a society where men and women are equal. We couldn't be more agreed.

2. Meri Maggi-Meri Maggi and Me

Top 10 Best Brand Campaigns 2020

Nestle India created a campaign to celebrate 25 years in business which captured the imagination of both adults and children. They asked fans to share their stories and as these stories were amusing, moving and relatable, the audience connected with them immediately.

3. Surfing Excel- Daag acche hain

Top 10 Best Brand Campaigns 2020

This ad shows what childhood is like. It emphasizes the fact that stains aren't evil, especially if they happened for good reasons. The ad also suggests that a stain isn't anything to panic, and regardless of how the clothes get dirty, Surf will clean them shining again.

4. Idea cellular: What an Idea

Top 10 Best Brand Campaigns 2020

This idea came up with the Lowe Lintas team and boy became a success! They understood their audience, which was rural India, and used their message to prove that opinion counts for all. The campaign created a positive picture for the company, as they reached out to support the rural community, which in turn helped to generate huge attention.

5. 'ZooZoos' by Vodafone

Top 10 Best Brand Campaigns 2020

If you're pursuing a Bangalore University MBA or BBA course, you're likely to encounter the popular 'ZooZoo' Campaign as you go through your case studies. Those cute white creatures you know, don't you? They were created to advertise value-added services offered by Vodafone and the advertisements turned into quite a fight.

The result? Every time you thought about ZooZoos, you thought about the value-added services that Vodafone offers. All in all, this campaign helped develop huge brand awareness across the country for Vodafone.

6. Fevikwik- TodoNahi Jodo

 In our hearts, this ad was very well thought out and tugged. The ad was about how a good Indian soldier makes use of Fevikwik to repair the shoes of a Pakistani soldier to save him from embarrassment.

Since the friction between India and Pakistan has been constant, this ad has tried to extend a hand of friendship. This program has been highly embraced by everyone and has helped to build a positive brand picture.

7. Fortune Oil- GharKaKhana

Fortune hadn't spoken about their brand at all to confuse viewers. They demonstrated the love of a grandmother for her bedridden grandson, and that nothing is as good as the home-cooked meal.

The brand ignited emotions like never before and through high brand recall achieved great success.

8. Coca Cola – Small world

As part of this initiative, Coca Cola put distribution machines in centers in India and Pakistan. These intelligent machines supply free coke can, as long as you and your friend in other countries are happy to do the fun jobs that the machine has provided you. This campaign brought everybody a smile and created a strong brand picture. As part of this initiative, Coca Cola has installed vending machines at malls in India and Pakistan. These smart machines offered free coke cans as long as you and your friend in the other country were willing to perform the fun tasks that the machine gave you. This campaign left everybody laughing at something and created a strong brand image.

9. Center Fresh- Zubaan pe rakhe lagaam

Center Fresh advertisements have always been humorous and it was no different from this campaign. The intention was to illustrate how the chewing gum will keep your mouth occupied.

So essentially, if your mouth were not occupied, you’d end up saying something nonsense. The idea behind the campaign was 'Think Before You Talk' and the youth totally loved this idea.

10. Happydent White

Who doesn't remember those white teeth which replaced lights! This funny take on the teeth whitening chewing gum created an instant success for the ad and company.

All in all, commercials can inspire us, empower us, entertain us and, most importantly, they can bring us together. In each of the above advertisements, you would have noted that they do not actually specifically advertise the brand but go with a concept that people will relate with. This is a perfect Marketing art lesson.

So you could start with a BBA or MBA course which helps you understand the dynamics of marketing if you are interested in showing your marketing creativity. These courses should not always be time-consuming, either. If you choose to follow other learning goals at the same time, these programs can be picked up from recognized universities of distance education.

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