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Our founders have been associated with the FM Radio space since the advent or privatization of FM radio in India i.e. since the year 2001. This is one of the primary reasons why we have undoubted supremacy in the genre of radio advertising service in Delhi NCR, Noida, and Gurgaon. Our team of experts dedicated to creating radio advertisements are driven by the urge to create audible excerpts that are anything but music to the ears. With an extensive tie-up with some of India’s best radio stations, we excel at giving our clients the best possible audiences (both in terms of quality and quantity) to engage with across the nation. Furthermore, more than eleven years of exposure into the industry of making and placing radio ads has given us a hands-on experience and knowledge sufficient to be able to place the ads within specific time durations with dexterity so as to get the best ROI for our clients. It will not be bragging to say that our radio advertisements have been praised for being extremely creative as well as apt at the same time by our clients and audiences alike.

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Radio is said to be one of the most loved entertainment media. All age groups are entertained by radio and due to this, many advertising companies use it as an advertising fuel. Also, these days people are fond of listening to FM channels. While listening, they tend to develop a bond with their favorite station. People become loyal to the station and the program aired on it. This gives a great platform for FM radio advertising. Irrespective of your products and services, the ad reaches your target audiences with the help of demographics.

The same does Creative Thinks Media, a radio advertising agency in Delhi by figuring out which FM station should be used for promoting particular products and services at what time. We provide a wide variety of promotional activities to make your ad a huge success. It helps you to target your audiences not only on the geographical basis but also according to their listening taste. Cost efficiency is the greatest factor to opt for radio advertising. The cost of advertising on the radio in India is budget-friendly. The radio advertising cost is cheaper than a television broadcast and a print advertisements . One more thing that makes radio advertising success is, radio advertising is for everywhere. That means your audience doesn’t need to sit in front of the TV. One can listen to the radio even if they are working in the fields.

What Makes Us Best?

We value the figures and facts. According to reports, a person listens to the radio for about 20 hours a week. Even in this digital era, the number of FM listeners has experienced an increase of 13% through digital platforms. This is where we plan our advertising activities. We strategize your advertisement based on The of these demographics and facts. We make sure to target your potential audiences to buy and/or consider your service, thereby; bringing customers to you. We are widely spread and have a good network to make us stand as one of the best radio advertising agencies in Delhi.

Radio Advertising Rates in Delhi NCR

As said above, radio advertising rates are cheaper when compared to television advertising and print media advertising. However, the rates may vary according to the geographic location and population density. Radio ad agencies will help you in putting your ads on different FM stations. Creative Thinks Media is famous for FM advertising in Noida allows you to put your ad in regional language to reach out to maximum audiences.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing us for FM radio advertising is not just a matter of words. We will provide you with the reasons to let you decide why we are worth choosing.

  • Strong Network: As said above, we own a good network across the country. Cities like Delhi, Noida come under our network. As a result of this, we entertain the mass population. This way, it becomes an easy task for business owners to opt for FM advertising.
  • Cost Effectiveness: People are often heard doubting about FM rates. With Creative Thinks Media, you will get better FM advertising rates in Delhi. We create effective ad campaigns that are quite affordable. Moreover, our team will help you to invest wisely in advertising according to your requirements.
  • Better reach: It is not that people will always be ears for the FM program. Everyone has a specific time. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for business owners to figure out how to reach their audiences. However, when you go for FM radio advertising agencies, they will take care of all such scenario and will make strategies to reach out to a maximum number of listeners and that too at different time slots.

All these points together, make us worth choosing for promoting your products and services. A business runs well only if you promote it in a well-planned way. After all, good promotion is way too important to make the best in the business. For this, Creative Thinks Media is always there to help you and reach out to your target audiences with budget-friendly FM rates.

Live Reads: Live reads are amongst some of the fundamental but well effective radio advertising techniques that require the host or anchor of a particular radio show on a particular radio channel to voice the advertisement of your brand personally. A typical example would be a host announcing the radio advertisement script for the sale of a localized commercial property amidst an ongoing talk show. There are several benefits of advertising through live read, some of which being targeted advertising, increased engagement and real time script customization. This type of radio ads are most suitable and effective for brand development purposes concerning the localized businesses. However, the effectiveness of these type of radio ads depend a lot on the popularity of the respective radio show anchor who announces it live during a show.

Sponsored Ads: This is yet another type of radio advertising in Delhi NCR, Noida and Gurgaon. where short segments amidst the peek time of a particular radio show, weather reports, traffic updates or the title of a particular radio show itself is lent out for advertisements by a typical radio channel. A typical sponsored radio ad sounds something like- “today’s weather update is brought to you by xyz brand.” The prime benefit of opting this type of radio advertising is that a typical sponsored radio ad is always prioritized to be scheduled for the first spot during the commercial breaks, thus making it audible to more audiences before they turn over to other channels. It usually has a higher reach as compared to other formats of radio ads. This type of advertisements are most suitable for brands willing to go for a grand launch or aware the potential market of their presence.

Produced Spot: Yet another type of radio advertising that has gained popularity over the years, a produced spot can be a straight read by a solo or a group of voice artists or incorporating multiple audible plots to give out the advertisement during commercial breaks. However, the most preferred and popular form of a produced spot radio advertising is jingles. A Jingle is basically a melodious (or not) short song that gives out the core message of the advertisement through numerous engaging ways. In short, a typical jingle leverages the connection between music and memory and helps the advertisements stand out for longer periods unlike their counterparts. Well recognized brands know this and bring it to use almost all the time. For example, Nerolac (the paint brand) used the jingle “Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho, Deewaro Ko Jab Sajana Ho…” intelligently to market its products. Similarly, Amul (the milk brand) used the jingle “Amul The Taste Of India…” for its marketing.

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