The term Podcasts is the combination of iPod and Broadcast. It's a digital file on the internet for a computer or mobile device and can be received by subscribers automatically.

This is an initiative by CTM to engage, educate about branding and advertisement anywhere anytime.

It's for the first time in the history of advertising agencies to come up with a PODCAST for audiences interested in the subject of branding, Marketing, Advertising and brand building.

The podcasts will be useful for students and professionals. Over a series of PODCASTS, we will discuss and involve with the audiences on media vehicles like newspapers, FM radio, the importance of creative's and designs in brand building and last but not least the various innovations happening in the digital marketplace. How all media vehicles need to be used in conjunction with each other, their individual importance, their history, their present and there the future course of action.

With the help of this PODCAST we at CTM target to share the knowledge that we have gained over the past 25 years in the field of branding and advertisement and with the hope that it will benefit professionals and students alike who want to enter this field or who want to further excel in their media profession.

Benefits of Radio Advertising
People often believe that radio advertising seems to move towards obsolescence due to digital media and the internet. But reports suggested that it is one of the best forms of advertising. It is considered to be quite effective when we plan for a media strategy for advertising and its advantages make it popular among advertisers.
Why it is important to hire advertising agencies for business?
An advertising agency takes over the marketing process of your company, they make your marketing process automated, you just need to approve the work they are sending to you and they will take care of the rest. Here are main important reasons why you should give your branding to an advertising agency.
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