Artist Management Companies in Delhi, India

Being a full-service advertising agency and event management company, we reckon how critical as well as hectic managing event schedules can be when carried out on a personal level. Simply speaking, we empathize with the artists and firmly believe that all an artist should take care of is his/her artistic skills. This belief and empathy has lead us to become a bridge between the artists and the corporations that require endorsements from them and develop strong professional relationships catering to the needs of both sides. Our artist management services exist as benchmarks within the entertainment industry.

Venue Programing: Perhaps, one of the most crucial elements of any event. The overall idea of venue programing for us lies within the concept of being able to balance the expectations of your guests with whatsoever limitations you have in terms of the opted venue and the expendable budget while creating and devising an near perfect magical experience for each and every one of your guests that stays within their memories for a rather longer time frame. Typically speaking, we have had the experience of programing the venues for several corporate and non-corporate organizations alike, even on a monthly, fortnightly and weekly basis. With a hands on experience of hosting over hundreds of events with uber expertise, we at Creative Thinks Media have become a leading name and is most definitely one of the best advertising agency in Delhi NCR proving services related to venue programming.

Promo / PR: On a contrary to the popular belief, promo or PR activates are not summed up by merely getting certain national dailies and a few news channels to publish news on the recent happenings in celebrity’s life. As a matter of fact, it is a lot more complicated than that and deems the active as well as indirect promotion of a celebrity through the inclusion of several conventional media like newspapers, magazines, celebrity and lifestyle journals while also incorporating the use of new age media like popular blogs, webinars, websites and social media. We take pride in stating that we have a rather widespread network of promoters throughout India as well as other significant parts of the world which we bring into use to tactically manage and enhance the reputations of the celebrities and artists associated with us. Furthermore, our team of experts also loves to have a strategic approach by bringing into use several digital media such as dedicated blogs, websites, and social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) in order to ensure that the artists and celebrities associated with us are known for being the best that they are and get the most deserved attention whenever they seek fit.

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