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Leading Recording Studio in Noida, Delhi – NCR

Looking For A Recording Studio in Delhi? Here Is What You Should Know! Gone are the days when you had to pay a hefty amount for recording in a studio. Dreaming big nowadays is not big of a deal. With technological advancements, anyone can access the recording studios at a pocket-friendly price. So if you are planning to record your next song or your next audio ad, you can get the top-notch equipment and give your work a professional tint. 

All you have to do is to find a recording studio that can cater to your needs. Be it equipment, guidance, or a team of experts, choosing the right studio can help you record an audio hassle-free.

But here comes the problem. Finding a Music recording studio in Noida is not an easy nut to crack. You need to check for a couple of features in a studio so that you can record your piece effortlessly. Hence, we at CTM have decided to decode a checklist of features that you in look for in a recording studio.

So without wasting any more time, let us get started!


1. Sound Samples: When it comes to determining the quality of the equipments of a sound recording studio, sound samples work the best! You can either ask for samples from the studio or shoot a small audio piece for analyzing the quality. If the quality matches what you are looking for, then congratulations, you are one step nearer to what you wanted!

2. Facilities: When we use the word ‘facilities,’ we usually mean the add-ons that come along the studio. For example, you might need an expert to guide you, or a drum set, a piano, speakers, mic, sound-proof glasses for the output that you are expecting. Hence, while examining the studio, it is essential to understand the add-ons that it has to offer. 

3. Reputation: Entering a local studio or a new one is a complete no if budget is not your biggest constraint. Check for testimonials, Google reviews, and social media handles of studios to know if they are even worth the trial. This will save not only your time but also a significant amount of money.

4. Location: Do not compromise on this one! If you wish to shoot for long hours, find a studio that is near to your work location. This will help you in cutting down your commute time and make your shoot day more productive. Also, when you are looking for a studio, check for connectivity (transportation facilities) so that if in case you need to carry your equipments, it becomes easy for you to do so.

5. Team: If you are a single person army, you need support from a team. This is where the experts at the sound recording studio come into the picture. Talk to the editors, audio recording professionals, and scriptwriters of the studio to understand if you can avail of their help/additional services. This will help you in polishing the quality of your content and save some bucks for you.

6. Budget: Budget is an important point on the list while choosing a sound recording studio. Make sure you calculate the number of hours that you might require to shoot, multiple it with the hourly rental of the song recording studio, and get then negotiate the best deal possible. This will help you in gauging the complete cost at the starting of the project.

Yes! The checklist now comes to an end. However, we at CTM, have a special offer to make.

CTM or Creative Thinks Media is a recording studio in sector 2, Noida. With an experience of 11 years and a team of extremely talented people, we vouch for our recording services. However, we do not believe in speaking without numbers! Flaunting a portfolio of 1347+ recordings, 1300+ projects, and 200+ clients, we are not just another name in the industry.

So if you require any of the following

• Recording studio

• Sound recording 

• Radio ad recording 

• Audio recording 

• Song recording

• Music recording

Then we have got you covered!

Why Choose Creative Thinks Media?

At CTM, we believe in the power of building audio pieces that are clutter-breaking! As an established recording studio in Noida, Delhi we understand what goes into making music and audio that strike a chord in the hearts of your target audience. Hence, we help you in mixing the best techniques, trends, and methods to bring out the best piece for you! Also, with our reasonable rental of Rs. 500/hour, we help you in building something big without digging deep in your pockets.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to build something amazing for the world, join hands & reserve your booking on with Creative Thinks Media, and make something you have always dreamt about.

Creative Thinks Media