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Publishing A Classified Ad In Amar Ujala: The Ultimate Guide

Have you ever thought of capturing a significant market share by targeting a local daily? If not, then this article is going to change your perspective. Did you know that Amar Ujala has a readership of 2.78 crores in India and more than 2 lakh copies are circulated in Delhi itself? All these numbers simply mean - A local daily can help your message reach thousands of people in one go. So now do you wish to advertise in Amar Ujala? Then connect with our experts at Creative Thinks Media, the no. 1 newspaper advertising agency in NCRIn this article, our team has collated answers to all your questions related to publishing in Amar Ujala and Amar Ujala Newspaper Classified Advertisement Rate Card (2020).

About Amar Ujala

Having 21 editions in 6 states and 2 union territories, Amar Ujala is a Hindi daily with the fourth largest readership in India. It is a 16-18 page long newspaper and covers vast topics under its umbrella. Hence, advertisement in AmarUjala is a fantastic idea for marketers, brands, and individuals who want to reach thousands of people at a small cost.

Types Of Ads And Rate Cards

Classified Ads: Classified ads are one way for you to publish simple ads within a limited budget. You can simply make the ad more attractive by using the right borders, fonts, and font sizes. The Amar Ujala classified ad rate card ranges from Rs. 150 - Rs. 1000 depending on the page and the ad size.

Classified Display Ads: Classified display ads include both text and images, so they are generally more attractive. The image section can have a photo, offer, or logo to let your target audience know more about you, your offer, or business. These ads can cost up to Rs. 5,000 - Rs. 10,000. 

Display Ads: Display ads have the maximum space for the creatives and can be published on any page of the newspaper, depending on the availability. Though a little expensive, these ads can do a fantastic job of rightly placing a brand in front of lakhs of people. However, we can get you a heavy discount on Amar Ujala Display Ad Rate Card. These ads can cost a few lakhs, depending on their placement and size. 

Steps To Book An Advertisement In AmarUjala

  1. Select the type of ad that you wish to publish.
  2. Select the ad type - Matrimony, Business, Real Estate, etc.
  3. Select the date and page you want your ad to get published on.
  4. Pay via offline or online mediums to book an ad slot. For checking Amar Ujala advertisement booking online, just go to their website or connect with Creative Thinks Media.
  5. Get the ad ready in terms of design and content. Again, connect with us for any assistance.
  6. Send the ad collateral to your touch point at Amar Ujala.
  7. Let the ad go live, then ask for an e-copy of the newspaper and a small report around the ad.

Why Choose To Advertise In Amar Ujala?

  1. Amar Ujala is one of the most read Hindi papers in the country.
  2. It has amazing content, stories, and pieces covered in every edition - Making it engaging and amazing for its readers.
  3. It has a great retention rate and is a perfect mix of content + ads. So neither your ad would face a lot of competition, nor will it go unnoticed.
  4. Amar Ujala Newspaper Classified Advertising is the most cost effective way to promote your product or service.

Why Choose Creative Thinks Media?

Creative Thinks Media is one of the leading newspaper booking agency in India catering to various clients and helping them to go viral. At Creative Thinks Media, we try and amalgamate creativity and talent to bring out the best for our clients.

We specialize in newspaper ads. So if you are looking for publishing a classified, text, display or matrimonial ads, we have the best offers and amazing combos to help you with.

Looking for results, we have surely got you covered!

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