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How To Deal With Penalties Dealing with Unnatural Inbound Links

To get yourself a website that runs smoothly and ranks good on Google’s Rankings is a big task in itself. The website runners use many methods to increase the ranking in various ways, out of which backlinks are highly used. We know that backlinking means you are ensuring that your website receives traffic from other websites through the hyperlink but there is a twist in it. Getting a backlink on any website is not an easy task and there are many ethical and unethical ways available and it’s almost impossible to run a successful website without getting Google Penalty on it. The major reason for any website to get a penalty is backlinks which are also commonly known as inbound links. This means that the website has been engaging in unethical ways to manipulate Google Ranking which is considered to be a violation of Google.

Manual Penalties Vs Algorithm Penalties:

Manual Penalties Vs Algorithm Penalties: - CTM how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India

Google usually puts penalties in two ways, first is the manual manner where the spam team has discovered some unnatural inbound links and you will receive a notice of the same through Google Webmaster tools. These links can be the one which is brought by the marketer in order to increase the rankings. In this case, you have to detect those links and fix them on your own and send the website for reconsideration again. But if you haven’t received any notice from Google Webmaster tools then the problem lies in the algorithm changes that Google has made. Google’s Penguin Algorithm is specifically for backlinks only and ensures that low-quality content and low-quality backlinks aren’t ranked higher to enhance the user experience.

Types of Backlinks that can cause a Google Penalty:

types of types of seo backlinks how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India
  • Paid Link in blogs and articles:

Google considers buying and selling of inbound links as a major violation and thus strict actions are taken under such circumstances. There have been cases when full websites are being banned for such activities and the penalty can affect domain as well as the particular pages.

Does this mean you should not buy any links? No, you can still buy some paid links but the focus should be to invest in links that are relevant and present value to the user, unnecessary mentions can always lead to a penalty. You should remember any paid link should look natural and that is the only key you should follow while buying the backlinks and you should not buy every paid link that is offered to you, only the ones that offer quality.

how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India
  • Link Spams:

Link spams refer to over-using a specific link over many comment sections or blogs or at irrelevant places. The link becomes spam when it is not adding any value to the discussion and is pointless. Many marketers still use different software to comment down automatically which comes under black hat SEO. So more comments mean more traffic policy doesn’t work at all as Google can easily trace the patterns of such comments and it can cause harm to your website.

how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India

On the other hand, if commenting is done selectively on the relevant pages where you provide information manually and the plug-in your link then it can do more good to your website and can actually provide you with traffic and it will also come under white hat SEO.

Hence putting your link out everywhere without any relevance isn't going to do any great to your website.

  • Links from Low Quality websites:

Google always wants backlinks to be earned by the website organically and they want to see these backlinks coming from websites that have good quality content and are reputable. Getting such links isn't easy because in order to do that you have to have a real connection with them. On the other hand, getting backlinks from Low-Quality websites is very easy and especially links from countries where your website does not even cater. For example regional languages and foreign languages- where your content is not relevant.

Any website marketer should avoid taking this path Because these websites give an easy way to strengthen your backlinks but Google has put a red flag on such links and websites.

  • Excessive Reciprocal Linking: Reciprocal linking is another method that is often used by marketers to promote websites on other websites of the same niche. This oftentimes works as an exchange but what happens is many websites just put out links without the need and just for the sake of it and when there is too much reciprocal linking happens the Google counts that a violation.
how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India

Although this reciprocal linking comes under Grey Hat SEO but is something that should be used very occasionally and carefully so that it looks organic and the content provides value to the users.

Recovering from site Penalties:

If your website has been hit by the Google Penalties then use must work on removing the backlinks or disavow backlinks from your website.

how to remove bad urk, spam links from google - Creative thinks media seo company India

You have to make sure that your website doesn't have any backlinks that are not fruitful and are intended as inorganic. Then if you have received a manual penalty you can send your website for reconsideration and if there is an algorithm then your website will automatically backup up again due to real-time assessment of Google.

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