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How To Invite Celebrities to Your Event

Are you willing to attend an event having celebrities and stars? The problem with this is celebrities are quite busy and have less time to give for events and other engagements. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have them in your event. There are some ways that can help you to grab their attention towards your event.

1. Have A Budget

Before you figure out which celebrity to invite, you must know that it will cost you a significant amount. The worst thing that you can do is have convinced the celebrities to show their presence at your event but when it comes to negotiation, everything goes into vain. Because you might not have the amount that they ask. Therefore you need to sit down calmly and make an estimate that you can spend on your event. You should then make a reasonable offer for the celebrity. Also, the charge of the celebrities for any event is not known publicly. Still, you can take the help of Google search to get an idea about the fees.

While you negotiate to make sure to ask about the other demands of the celebrities. So that you don’t have an unexpected demand from them and put yourself in trouble.

2. Make Use Of Connections, If Any

Using connections while thinking to invite celebrities at your event is always a good idea. You can ask people who are around you or are in a similar niche to know the better options for your event. You can also take the help of people who are connected online with celebrities to make sure you can utilize your online connections as well. Who knows your ‘relationship’ turns out to be a connection with a celeb. Celebs too find it easy and convenient to attend the event of the person with whom they have a connection or turns out to be their acquaintances.

3. Show Your Genuine Interest

Before you reach any celebrity, make sure you have done proper research about the person. You might have to answer some of their questions. You can also research if the celebrities are in your city around the date of your upcoming event? For how long will they stay in that place? Where do they belong to? Are they interested to accompany their family or spouse to the event? Also, you must make a list of the guest coming to your event. The duration of the event should be also there on the list. This way you will be prepared and the celeb will be impressed by the homework you have done for the event.

4. Check If They Are Good Match

If you find a celebrity who is somewhere connected to the activity or purpose your event is based on, then you might hit the bull’s eye successfully. You must understand that celebrities too are human and they too have passion, hobbies, interests, and likings for certain things. If you are planning a charity or social awareness program, then you can search for those celebrities who are into the same thing. This way, they will be keen to attend your event and give the best of their involvement. They might spend more time with other attendees at your event.

Moreover, let the celebrities have some freedom to speak out their thoughts while addressing the attendees during the event. This way you will be able to engage the attendees and let the celebrity feel important and special to have attended your event. They might feel more connected to the event.

5. Talk With Their Manager/Agent

It is not that you will be reaching the celebrity or an artist directly to invite them for your event. First of all, you will have to reach out to their manager/agent or secretary. So you will have to first deal with the agent an only then you will be able to convince the celebrity to come to your event. This will also help you to know about the cost that may likely come to you.

Or you can also go to an agency that deals with the same. There are agencies that will help you to get in touch with the celebrities who make their presence in public events. There you will find film stars and tv stars as well. These agencies will help you to find a celebrity according to your needs and the budget of your event. For more Do, contact with Creative Thinks Media best artist management agency in Delhi

The agents from such agencies will keep in mind your details and will help you by getting a profitable deal that can help your business to grow and flourish. As they cater to the needs of each and every client.

For finding an agent, you need to search for the same based on the type of entertainment or purpose of your event. You should also keep in mind how does the agent work and what are the policies of the agencies.

6. Clear Your Needs

Before moving ahead, make sure you have explained your needs and other details of the event in a clear and precise way to the celebrities. This will save you from any hassle or unwanted crisis that might occur onsite. This is because celebs too have their own requirements and expectations. Some might not approve of recordings and pictures. While for others there might be some limitations for clicking pictures and making videos. Also, you should tell them about the questions that you might ask them in the event and other details related to the event.

7. Give Them Attention

Make sure you are giving the required attention to the celebrities. You need to acknowledge and promote their presence at your event. Celebrities need limelight as it helps them to enhance their image among the public. Therefore, you need to treat them like a star at your event. This way they will be happy about attending your event. This in return, will fetch you a huge audience and you will be able to influence and attract your audience. Your brand will get recognition and publicity will come anyways.

8. Respect Their Time

You as an event planner are well aware of the importance of time. Therefore, you should respect the time of other people as well, especially when it comes to celebrities. As they are quite busy and have so many other works lined up. For that reason, you must respect and value the time that they dedicate to your event. For this, make sure you have made proper planning to make the best use of every minute at your event. Moreover, you should try to stick to the schedule and plan decided for the event.

9. Make Sure They Are Comfortable

Since you are inviting celebs at your event, you need to make sure that they are feeling comfortable and happy at your event. Ask them food and water in a well-mannered way. Otherwise, you might make them develop regret coming to your event. Moreover, if you really want the celebs to talk good things about your brand, you need to look after the comfort of the celebs.

10. Have Gratitude

Everybody likes appreciation for the work they do. A similar thing is with celebrities. You need to appreciate them for their willingness to attend your event and spend time with your attendees. Acknowledge them in the best possible way. You can present them a gift or flower while they enter into your event. Praise them on their social media and thank them whenever you get a chance during the event.

11. Thank Them

Make sure you send them a thank note after your event is successfully completed. You can write a thank you letter to the celeb. Also, ask your volunteers and other managing people of your event to thank the celebrity for showing his/her interest to attend the event. You can also take the help of social media to post a thank you content and make them feel special. This way you will be building a good relationship with the celebrity and ain attention from their fans. This will in return, benefit your brand. 


No doubt it is a challenge and a tough task to convince a celebrity to attend your event and encourage people to take your products and services. But when you give the essential and the right amount of effort to convince and attract the celebrity, you will be making your event a memorable one. Also, you can then have the same thing for your future events as well. If you are searching for the best agency to book artist online then contact creative thinks media  

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