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How to Overcome Your failure

Fear of Failure is a natural thing. You can feel the fear either in your words or in your actions but feel and face failure are two different things. It happens in the vast majority of cases we cannot hit the nail on the head and then cry over spilled milk.

But What could be the worst thing more than failure? Guess what? When you are at a loss and without coming to the concluding stage you miss the beat. 

Here, we will discuss the ways that might hit the jackpot and help you to overcome your failure:


Stop Blaming Yourself

After facing those unexpected failures, we broke internally although usually, we carry a smile on our face to show that everything is okay but deep down, we know that is not. Afterward, losing hopes and hackneyed expectations become pointless to us. Self-belief is the weapon that does not work in hard times.

When you don’t have enough competency to do something then why do you push yourself to draw some limit lines before you? Is this what you want?

“Confidence is when you believe in yourself and your abilities, arrogance is when you think you are better than others and act accordingly.” - Steward Stafford 

When you feel confident, you can trust in your abilities and qualities. You should not settle for less, how can you underestimate your abilities like this? It is your blemish to criticize beforehand without putting in great effort and energy.

Either Cry OR Try

You have two choices – Sink or Swim. Those who swim, do not drown. You will only reach the brink if you never throw away any hope to try!!!

All you can do is either Wiping your tears while sitting on the corner or have the potential to bounce when you hit the ground. What will you opt for? How can you expect to fly when your wings don’t spread under the sky?

If one side you are crying why this happens to you. On the other side, you don’t try good enough to be better. If crying gives you what you want…. Yeah, I’m ready to join your company. We will cry together.

Replace your cry with try even when you already failed. Make an attempt or effort to do something. You can accomplish anything with your efforts, take a Fly and one more time just TRY.

When things go wrong don’t go with them

Most of the time you are unable to decide what you have to do to overcome the pain of failure because the strength to endure comes under at its extant. Now, you cannot bear it for long.

You are overwhelmed to reduce this anguish. At this point, you are mentally and emotionally disturbed, escaping from this becomes exclusive to you. 

At that exact moment, you think Smoking Cigarettes and Drinking alcohol can be ointment on your wound. This misconception leads you on the wrong track. The path that was straight and narrow turned into trouble. Over the last, you throw off the scent of your journey into the smoke.

To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear- Buddha

You have to take care of yourself. Stay healthy these obstacles of your path make you feel weak but you have to clear your vision and stay fit to tackle every problem with more intelligence.

Failure is not final

Disney, Stephen King, Orphan Winfrey, J.K Rowling, and many more. History is filled with the people who have proved that their failure is nothing. Moreover, it is just a first step towards their success. 

If they think losing one battle is final so they would not have left a mark in this universe.

We only observe the welfare rather than the reverse. You should watch their moves learn from them how they overtake their failures. The universe has so much to give us. Don’t think you are not good enough. 

The last key may open the door

We have to shift our attitude in a positive way to achieve things. How can you do that? The harsh reality of our generation is that in any kind of circumstances we never try to see the positivity in it. Each word has a different meaning but we always find out the wrong meaning of it.

There is one thing which I would like to share that is well said bypassed President Abdul Kalam~ Understand that F.A.I..L scan stands for First Attempt In Learning. E.N.D is not the end; End means “Effort Never Dies.”

And if you get N.O as an answer, remember NO means Next Opportunity.

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