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List of Famous FM Radio Stations in Delhi-NCR

Radio is the entertainment medium that has been in the pictures for many years. People of all ages love listening to Radio and the show broadcasted on the radio. It uses radio waves for carrying information. The arrival of radio was somewhere between 18 century and it was still there in the 19th century as well. 

Talking about the present scenario there are many FM radio stations that people love to listen to. Some of the popular radio stations are Radio Mirchi, Radio Today, All India radio, hit 95 FM, Radio One, Big FM  and many more. Boost your business with the best radio advertising agency at the best price.

These radio stations are currently working in Delhi NCR.

Now let us look at some of these radio stations:

  1. Radio City: It is the first private FM radio station in India. Started on July 3, 2001, this FM radio broadcasts on the frequency range of 91.1 MHz. Radio City is India’s first private FM radio station. The station plays regional songs as well as English and Hindi songs. The channel broadcasts from Lucknow, Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bangalore. 

2. Big FM: owned by the famous Indian Businessman Anil Ambani and the Zee entertainment enterprise, Big FM is a quite popular FM radio station in India. The station broadcast at 92.7 megahertz. The FM radio station also broadcast in Bhutan and Singapore. The Jingle of the radio station is Suno Sunao Life Banao.

3. Red FM 93.5: Established by Sun Group, this is one of the FM radio brands in India. The FM radio broadcast at 93.5 frequency megahertz in the cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior, and Bhopal. The radio station has a very nice slogan which says 'Bajatey Raho'

4. Radio One: Launched on 18 September 2007 the radio one FM radio is owned by Next Radio Ltd. It runs on 94.3 megahertz frequency. The channel broadcasts in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata, and others. In 2007, it was ranked as the most attractive radio brand in India. It broadcasts only in English. In fact, it is the only English radio broadcasting channel that is active in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai together. 

5. Hit 95 FM: Running on the frequency of 95 megahertz, Hit 95 FM is quite popular radio stations among the Indian audience. English, Hindi and regional songs are being played on this channel. The channel is widely loved for playing international songs. Some of the popular shows of this radio station are “Classic Music Marathon,” “No Repeat Wednesday” and “Saturday Night Hot Mix.” The radio channel is popular for playing uninterrupted music for listeners.

6. Radio Mirchi: founded in 1993 the Radio Mirchi has been broadcasting on 98.3 megahertz since 2006. Entertainment Network India Private Limited Radio Mirchi is quite popular in India as a private radio FM. The slogan of Radio Mirchi is "Mirchi Sunne wale always Khush". It is one of the top radio channels in Delhi and Mumbai. 

7. All India Radio (Air FM Rainbow/Akashvani): Also known as air FM Rainbow and Akashvani, All India Radio is a very famous and one of the oldest radio stations in India. The channel runs on 102.6 megahertz. It is the national public radio in India. The radio station was established in 1930 as one of the divisions of Prasar Bharati but in 1956 the radio station was officially called Akashvani. Since its establishment, it has been covering more than 99% of the Indian audience. The radio channel runs with 23 languages.

8. Fever 104 FM: famous for play non-stop music shows like Fever Ka Thappa, Fever Top 10, 40 mins of non-stop music, Teen Gane Back to Back, the Fever 104 FM is quite popular FM radio station in India. It broadcasts in 13 cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Agra and many more. It has proudly been one of the radio partners of movies like Padmaavat, Dangal, Tamasha, Tiger Zinda Hai, and Dilwale.

9. Ishq FM: The radio station is popularly known as the romantic radio channel. This is active on the frequency range of 104.8 megahertz. Initially, launched as the Meow FM, the radio station was intended for hosting talk shows. Earlier the radio station was active in Indore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata. Currently, the radio station is active in Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

10. AIR FM Gold: This FM channel runs on the frequency range of 106.4 megahertz. The channel is run by Prasar Bharati which is owned by the government of India. Started on 15th August 2001, the radio station plays Hindi and English songs on an hourly basis. The radio station is currently active in Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai. AIR FM Rainbow is its sister station.

11. Radio Nasha: It is among the top four radio station that is active in the Delhi region. The radio channel runs on the frequency of 107.2 megahertz. The radio station is famous for playing old Bollywood melodies of the ’70s, 80’s and 90’s era. The radio channel was launched by HT media. The RJ of this radio station was known to be voicing the shows in a retro and classic way.

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