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PPC VS SEO: What Is Better For Your Business?

Did You Know?

Sixty-seven thousand searches happen on Google/second. Yes! That is the potential-reach your business gets when you rank it on Google. However, when it comes to choosing between SEO services or PPC campaigns, the best marketers scratch their heads for the right answer. 

Being one of the best brand advertising agencies in India, we at Creative Thinks Media understand your problem.

If you are also confused between SEO and PPC, then this 4 minutes article is all that you need. In this article, we bring a complete brand advertising agency will explain and help you in deciding what will work for your business better - Organic Reach (SEO) Or Paid Advertisement (PPC Campaign).  So without any delays, let’s jump in!

First of all, you need to understand the critical differences between PPC & SEO. 

  1. PPC is paid, which means if someone clicks on your link or advertisement, you will be charged per clicks. On the other hand, SEO is completely free, and anyone clicking on your advisement or converting for your business would not involve any cost.

2. PPC campaigns can be launched immediately; meanwhile, SEO takes time to deliver results for your business. 

3. PPC Campaigns require you to improve your landing pages and CTR while SEO based targeting requires you to keep your content engaging, keyword density under moderation and alt tags, title tags in place. 

Now that you have understood the difference between SEO and PPC campaigns, here is how you can decide what will work for you better.

Nature of the Business: 

• If you are a service-based company, then your services might not change very frequently. Suppose you offer courses on Python and Front-End Development, then you might want to go for SEO, which is an ongoing process of acquiring clients.

• However, if your business is based on products (e-commerce) that might come and go from the market in no time, then you need something like PPC, which can give you immediate results and profits. 


•  If your goal is to acquire customers in a short period, then you can go with PPC campaigns.

•  However, if your goal is brand amplification and online reputation management, then you should go for SEO (which is a long-term strategy). 

Business Stage:

•  If yours is an early-stage startup, you might want to test the waters before investing heavily in SEO.

Hence, you can go for PPC campaigns, check what keywords work for you the best, and with the help of creative ad agencies, tags, and optimizations that can help you grow organically. 

  • Choose the copies, graphics (often made
  • This way, you can save the cost of targeting the wrong keywords. 


  • If you are in a highly competitive business niche, like that of a brand advertising agency then the PPC campaign might not be the right solution for you due to high CPC (Cost Per Click).
  • However, if you do not face stiff competition in the market, then the net profit earned via a PPC campaign can almost come quick and easy.


  • If you want to play a game based on numbers, then SEO is your thing. There is no doubt that with SEO services you can get more traffic to your website.
  • With PPC, you can only get traffic till the time you invest in the campaigns. Once you switch-off the plug, no one will reach your landing page or product page directly. 


  • If you want to reach a highly targeted segment then PPC campaigns are for you. PPC Campaigns let you define the target geography, gender and even income level of the people you want to reach. With SEO, you do not exercise such power.
  • So if you know your buyer’s personal well then spending money on paid ads can get you quick results. You can connect with the best newspaper advertising agencies to construct highly targeted PPC campaigns.

In conclusion, it is imperative to mention that PPC campaigns and SEO based targeting are complementary strategies rather than supplementary. If you are a business, you need to keep in mind your short term and long term goals to define the ratio of the PPC + SEO mix.

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