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Radio Ads vs. Internet Ads

Many individuals & business entities intend to make their services and products more known and visible to people. So, these entities are using the option of radio, TV, newspapers as well as internet advertisements to advertise their products & services. Owing to the myriad of benefits an extensive number of people are using internet advertisements but still there some people who use Radio to promote their services or products.

Now a question is striking in our mind, why still people are using Radio for their advertisements even more options are available to reach out to people? The concept will be clear after reading this article and will come to know which option is better and why.

Radio Advertisement

What is Radio Advertisement?

It offers the opportunity to deliver an easy, simple and effective message to a list of target users who are interested in your service as well as product.

Types of Radio Advertisement

  • Live Read –In this a radio announcer reads the commercials in real-time online.
  • Product Spot –It can be straight read or read from multiple sounds for your advertisements.
  • Sponsorship –It implements sponsorship of several sorts of radio segments.

Exclusive Use of Radio Advertisement

It can assist in growing your business just by paying some pennies. It can cover a large number of people. But can be hard in an area in which its use is limited.

What is Internet Advertisement?

Internet advertisement means doing advertisements through the internet medium. In other words, it is the use of the Internet or the World Wide Web to market and reaches out through our target market, introducing our products and services.

Steps for Effective Advertising

You may get earn some of the formidable benefits of internet marketing using Article writing, Pay Per Click (PPC). Email Marketing, Sidebar ads, Floating ads, chat rooms, blogs and so on.

Internet Advertisement Methods– Here are some methods of internet advertisements are:

  •   Web Marketing
  •   Email Marketing
  •   Internet Marketing
  •   SEO etc.

The Expensive Methods of Internet Advertisement

  • Pop-ups –It is an expensive method of advertisement. People should avoid such methods as people don't like to get disturbed with this sort of ads while doing work online and generally closed this window even without seeing the content.
  • Pad Casts – It is just like a broadcast on TV. Although you need to shell your pocket heavily, it is a sophisticated method.
  • Paying to Search Engines –It is respective of the Pay Per Click system of internet advertisement. But it could be expensive if you chose popular keywords. It could an inexpensive option if you use Google or Yahoo Search engines.

The Cheap Methods of Internet Advertisement

  • Text-Links –It is a cost-free method of advertisement. If someone text-links your web site, then you are assuring to get a favor in return.
  • Social Media –It is another way to get free traffic to your sites as social media does not cost you a single penny to connect with the right people and for business advertisements.
  • Select a Small Search Engine –It is another inexpensive method to get more traffic on your site. As they are dependable, so there are more chances to get the best results.

Internet Advertisement Can Take Your Company to New Heights

Owing to state-of-art technologies, now you have enormous options to reach out to more people. By confining in a room, you may expose your business products in just a few clicks using internet advertisements. And your business may reach new heights where it has to be and of thinking of in a short period.

Radio Ads Vs Internet Ads, what is better?

Both advertisement mediums have their pros & cons. But right now, we need to look at which is better advertisement medium. For this, we need to analyze the entire information of the duo. Below we have given some valid points to help out in choosing which is better advertisement medium and why? Now, it is up to you which medium you choose for business or personal advertisements.

Radio Ads

The success of radio ads relied on whether ads are being heard or not. Some markets are made up of masses who go to workplaces, so they have limited time to listen but there are some groups of people who commute in major cities, are more likely to hear the ads. Thus, if your voice on the radio is heard, then your business entities can be grown easily. But it may be an expensive option in case if you located where exposure to radio is limited & need resources which you may not have.

Internet Ads

  • Routed to More People–It has more approaches to people than any other advertisements as everyone has access to the internet. One of the best approaches to reach out & be heard by many is the use of the tool which they are using and they are familiar with. 
  • Much clarity of the information – With the internet advertisement, people can easily understand the information that the marketers intend to convey. If in a case, a user is not familiar with the product then they can easily search what the product is all about.
  • Much Cheaper Option–It is much cheaper than the other sort of advertisements. For instance – the cost incurred on the internet, advertisement is much less than TV or Radio ads.
  • Efficient Way to Advertise–It is one of the efficient ways of the advertisement as it assured that our ads are shown on related & relevant web pages which can be seen by an extensive number of people. 
  • Assured Return of Investment–If we make our internet advertisement based on the response of the target audience then it would be successful and this will be known if the sales & income are going up.  


Now, online advertisement has become a global phenomenon. And the years to come, there are a lot of surprises in the box that will make online advertisement easy to use. So, the next time when we plan to have advertising & marketing strategy, why not consider internet advertising? It is a faster, cheaper, efficient way as well as assist in attaining more income in a short while.

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