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Simple Ways to Free Your Mind Immediately

When a person feels fatigued physically and mentally then the precision of taking decisions becomes elusive. Inevitably, unwanted thoughts ready to dwell in our minds and unwillingly it becomes hard to come out from that moment.

Our mind can do both – it can Harm or can Heal us. This is on us to guide our mind credibly and banish all venomous thoughts that take place in our heads. You should not let your mind stand against you as your biggest enemy.

Here are some ways that will free your mind cos “You control your mind, not your mind controls you”.


Meditation will help you more than you can imagine. Meditation helps the brain to reduce the beta wave – a brainwave in the brain associated with busy and anxious thinking, while increases the alpha wave - your relaxation wave. 

Doing meditation will improve your breathing efficiently and enhance your self-awareness so that you can pay more attention or concentrate on the things that matters.


Reading is one of the best ways to think clearly and act sensibly. While you are fighting with your mind on a purposeless concept during that time reading will expand your mind towards the amazing pieces of stuff. Read those topics that inspire you, those books that were ready to change your word and pick you up. So, you don’t get enough time to lose by thinking useless thoughts.


When it is a storm in a teacup then only one way can bring you back to the brink. That is Writing. Write what you feel? Why do you think about this so much? What is bothering you? Why this means important to you that your mind went stuck in it? Why? Write your soul out. Write it all down until it comes out of the mind.

Eat Your Favourite Food

While you are messed up within you it will be beneficial if you eat your favourite food. The scent of savoury food which comes from before eating will release dopamine- a type of neurotransmitter, our body makes it while we expect pleasure that will help us to motivate and make us productive.

Talk with Your Loved Ones

Good people will always stand by your side when you are going through your hard times. They know very well how to take care of you when you are puzzled. They will always stay with you. Talk with them, share what you are going through and how the trash in your mind is spoiling you. Their advice will help you to throw away those negative thoughts out of you. 

Watch Movies

When you are unclear with your own reflection then you can divert your mind and set it free for some hours. Watch movies, it will take you to another world via this you will get back to your track as you would have already experienced a different scenario. 

Try to Understand Others

Sometimes, the thing which irritates us the most i.e., we always think with our perspective and assume all the things in our mind without trying to understand another person. It ruins our mind with our own thoughts. And we cage ourselves with those things. Therefore, we spend most of the time overthinking. Stop punishing yourself like that rather than doing this try to understand others. 

Take a nap

A very easy method to relieve your mind. We need to take a proper nap, sometimes we get tired and become tensed. At that time, the frustration in our mind adds fuel to fire so go to bed and take a nap to water this fire.

Find Peace

Find peace for your soul, for your body, and your mind. Do what makes you happy and what attracts you the most. When we are in ill-temper, so merely a single thought is enough to make us unwell. At that time visualize good things that will help to find the peace that resides within you. 

Love Yourself

Love yourself as you are, don’t feel bad all the time just because others are complaining about you. Don’t harm your mind and yourself with their negative thoughts. You are rare, you matter and you are not here to endure the pain that you feel inside your head. Come out and feel free.

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