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The Rise Of The ‘Spice King’ Of India!

The ever-inspiring journey of the rise of the spice connoisseur is nothing but a precedent of hard-work and persistence. The company, MDH, was conceived in 1919 and is currently not only one of the biggest names in the spice industry but also one of the very firsts to take the spice business global.

Early Days

The company is the brainchild of Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati and his father Mahashay ChunniLal Gulati and dates back to the pre-independence times. Mahashian Di Hatti or popularly known as MDH was founded in 1919 in Sialkot and was later moved to Delhi after the partition. Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati joined his father in 1937 and insisted on moving it to Delhi to continue spreading his magic as a spice connoisseur. He set up his business in the Karol Bagh area of Delhi and once he achieved the maximum he could at the time he decided to take it a notch higher by setting up his spice factory in 1959.

The Unstoppable Charisma

Since the very beginning of his work life Mr. Gulati had utmost clarity about the heights he wants to achieve, he aimed to supply the most superior quality spice to every household in India. His unparalleled business instinct helped him understand his consumers and their preferences in a short amount of time and assisted him to achieve quick yet consistent growth. The array of spice MDH beholds comprises of every spice one can think of, from the quintessential chaat masala, pavbhaji masala, channa masala to the very contemporary dahivada masala, fish masala, bharvasabzi masala, and the list goes on and on.

A large part of the raw material for all the masalas are procured from Kerala and Karnataka and processed in factories set up pan India and sold globally, thereby in his own way he connected India to the world and made our culture a global phenomenon.

The man as the brand

It can be rightly said that Mr. Gulati was a brand in himself. He took his business to such heights that are still unimaginable by many. His constant hard work and dedication will always be a testimony of his success and global recognition. Up till the very end, Mr. Gulati was thoroughly involved in his business and stood as an inspiration to many. Mr. Gulati also bears the feather of being the highest-paid CEO of the FMCG industry of India as he drew a salary of 21 crores.

Social Contribution

Mr. Gulati made sure to give back to the society that helped him grow by doing several social contributions regularly. MDH has supported the development of 20 schools such as MDH International School, Mata Lilawait Kanya Vidyalaya, and also financially contributed to the development of a 300-bed hospital that features modern-day equipment and highly experienced medical professionals at an affordable price.

We at Creative Thinks Media honor the contributions Mahashay Dharam Pal Gulati made in his highly accomplished lifetime and respect for the gem he was. We are profoundly inspired by his work ethics and try to incorporate them into our lives by developing a long-term relationship with our clients and by offering them superior quality services. We stand tall as one of the best Ad agencies in Delhi/NCR yet stay rooted to the ground just like Mr. Gulati. May his soul rest in peace!

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