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The Ultimate Guide to Television Advertising

There’s no denying the fact that television advertising will capture your audience and win them over. If you’re wanting to reach a wide range of audiences, television advertising is what your business needs to do. This is because of the impact that television advertisements will have on the minds of people watching it. These advertisements captivate your audience and stay in their minds.

The Ultimate Guide to Television Advertising rates, cost in India - Creative thinks media company

The cost of advertising on television will depend on a number of factors including the studio you shoot the commercial in, the channel you run your ad on, duration, sound, and visual effects, crew members, and many others. You can determine whether your advertisement will be effective or not based on the time of the day your commercial is aired and the frequency. Airing your ads with the right amount of frequency can do wonders. You might also want to choose a time at which local programs like sports or news run on the channel so that you can advertise at that specific time and reap benefits.

Here are a few tips on television advertising:

The Ultimate Guide to Television Advertising rates, cost in India - Creative thinks media company
  • Any advertisement that’s less than 30 seconds wouldn’t have an impact on the audience. This would mean a waste of your time, money, and efforts. Advertisements less than 30 seconds are beneficial only if your brand or company already has wide recognition.
  • Instead of having people just talk about and describing your product, incorporate a video of your actual product in use. This would make your customers easily understand what your product is and how it would be useful for them.
  • Advertisements that are more than 60 seconds are hugely beneficial if you’re selling a product that can be bought instantly by calling the phone number that would be shown in the ad. Usually, companies like these purchase bigger slots for half an hour or even an hour and show the audience their product in use and how it could benefit them. Ads longer than 60 seconds would require a huge budget as compared to the 30-second ones.
The Ultimate Guide to Television Advertising rates, cost in India - Creative thinks media company

You might be wondering if televisions advertisements are really worth it. Television ads when filmed and aired in the right way can do wonders. If you have the budget for a tv ad, it’s best you shoot the video well in a way that’s fit for the television. Some businesses might want to save money on producing the advertisement by acting and editing it all by themselves. Remember, your audience needs to trust you before they make a purchase. They can only do that if you show them quality content that’s promising.

Television advertisements are great for building a company or brand’s image and reputation. If you want to announce a price cut on your product or provoke them to buy it, run a follow-up advertisement in the newspaper so that they remember about the offer. For example, you might see a television ad on a product and how it’s beneficial and a local dealer might run a follow-up advertisement of a price cut of the same product you saw on TV.

The Ultimate Guide to Television Advertising rates, cost in India - Creative thinks media company

When you think about the right frequency of running your television advertisement, airing it five times a week on big channels would suffice to have a long-lasting impact on your audience. If it’s a less popular or a local channel with a low cost of airing, you can go up to fifteen times a week and target the local audience better.

Local channels give you a great platform to test your ads before making the jump to national channels. Not only does this target local demographics precisely, but it would also give you the courage and push you to need to go big time on TV. It’s cost-effective for the reach and returns it offers.

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