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Top Diwali Campaigns’ That May Draw Your Attention

As the festival of Diwali begins it is surely the biggest and the brightest of all festivals. People often believe that people must visit each other homes. You as a housewife must be willing to make your home the best one so that your friends and relatives may admire it. Cleaning of the house is compulsory as the traditional culture say's that it attracts wealth goddess Lakshmi and brings peace to your home.

As Diwali gets closer many companies and brands start doing an aggressive ad campaign to capture the audience's interest. Let's took at few Diwali campaigns of 2019 which were successful in getting the audience's attention.

Peps Diwali

Peps industries have come up with a message using its Diwali campaign that shows the impact of Diwali on animals. This ad portrays that the use of fireworks in Diwali should be prohibited since it harms street animals.

Kalyan Jewelers:

It is one of the major brands of jewelry in India launched a campaign named ‘Dil Roshan Toh Diwali Roshan’. The campaign is also supported by global brand Ambassadors like Wamiqa Gabbi and also Kinjal Rajpriya. Pooja Sawant and Katrina Kaif also joined them. The campaign also depicts the culture and traditions of India that has been followed through generations.

Reliance Smart – Diwali hai Badi manao

This campaign shows a family which is celebrating Diwali and shows how we can make it a big one. The ad also shows that we should include everyone whether he be rich or poor, small or big in the celebration so that it can be called big.

Tata sampan - #lautaayidiwaali

This renowned food brand has launched a new campaign under which it uses the hashtag #lautaayidiwali which represents this auspicious festival. The ad focuses mainly on a family celebrating the festival of Diwali and marks the importance of home-cooked lip-smacking sweets that we enjoyed with our families back in the old days. This focuses on the togetherness of diwali.

Spotify – Diwali homecomingv

The ad campaign of Spotify features specifically anil Kapoor and Ishaan khattar as the main actor of this ad. The ad mainly focuses on the importance of music in making the festival more auspicious. The ad was exclusively titled as homecoming and it was made by Leo Burnett India. The plot was that anil Kapoor was fixing some Diwali decoration lights and then Ishaan who is playing the role of Anil Kapoor's son in the ad, comes back to home for celebrating Diwali with his family. Ishaan then helps his father to fix the lights and enjoys the moment.

The campaign was aired on various platforms including TV and the Spotify app.

One plus

One plus was also involved in the campaigning of Diwali and it actually did it really well. Moreover, they collaborated with the renowned social media app Spotify. These two companies made two unique Diwali based lenses as a part of the collaboration.

The lenses are available in various tourist places such as the Eiffel tower in London, and the Taj Mahal in Agra. Moreover, one plus released an ad campaign that specifies the various features of this app. The main motive of this ad was to endorse the AR feature of Snapchat application.

SBI life insurance - #reallifrealstories

There was an ad campaign released by SBI which was named as real life real stories. The ad features a person who works really hard to guard the dreams seen by various street vendors in India. They depicted this positive social cause by the idea of bringing solar lights to light up their lives.

Acko general insurance

For those who don’t know who is Acko, they are the leading general providers of insurance. Recently they have launched an ad campaign that spreads the idea of stopping the pollution that we make by burning various crackers that produce a lot of smoke and pollute the environment. They make use of a hashtag #LetsReverse.

The campaign talks about the practical approach of not using cars after the celebration of diwali so that the pollution can be balanced since it is not possible to stop the use of crackers at such a mass level.

Seniority X Dozee

This company has also launched an ad campaign along with a hashtag #ParentalLeave. This campaign encourages all the people who are doing jobs to take a leave with the reason for spending the time with parents on this auspicious occasion. The ad also endorses the gift items such as health trackers that people can gift to their parents on occasions such as Diwali. The ad is specifically made for employees and people who are doing some kind of work that takes place in remote areas and keeps them away from their homes. Festivals can prove wonderful opportunities to reach new customers, so if you are looking for the best brand marketing agency in India then feel free to contact us.

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