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What is your goal for 2021?

There are some people who perform their tasks successfully and achieve their goals, isn’t this amazing? But, on the other side, there is about 25 percentile of people who either forget their goals or give up on the middle of the path.

Why? This is just because they don’t make their goals effectively and realistically.

But, after reading this blog you will not be one of those people because I’m going to tell you that you can make an effective and difficult goal, able to attain it and get it. You can make it happen. Am I wrong?

How to make Goals?

There are fourfold that will help you to make your goals effective:

First, your goals should have a clear vision. The spirit to turn your vision into reality should be unbreakable. Second, you must give as much time to your goals to achieve them. The more you work for it the closer you will get to it. Third, don’t let a single thing spoil your goals. You should not allow negative thoughts to come into your mind, stop assuming wrong misconceptions about your goals. Fourth, let your feet on the ground but always keep your eyes on the sky.

Write What You Decide

You have decided your goals and you will keep these things in your head what I have mentioned above. There are some things you can include while you are writing goals:

Find out the challenges you would be facing in the future. Write about your strengths, how many steps you are going to take to get what you want? How much better you can do to improve yourself?

Just write each and everything. What you can do to get better after learning from your past challenges. Write your soul out!

For Example:

If your goal is to be a Teacher, create a roadmap for your plan by deciding what education you are going to take. How many tests you have to attempt? Which subjects are challenging for preparing for the test? How will you tackle them? And how will you be ready to face the failures that life throws on you?

Setting smaller goals for achieving your lifetime goals.

As your lifetime goal is to be a teacher, you need to work on this with consistency and discipline. By doing your work with this dedication and without being distracted by your goal. I know that most of the time the energy and the excitement is faded away from us by doing the same thing again and again. You will get bored and stressed every day and this journey will not be easy. You have to enjoy the beauty of the journey.

So, you have to break your goal into a smaller goal. Change your daily schedule by making a to-do-list, this will give you different energy. Whenever you achieve something doesn’t matter how tiny that thing is, Just Celebrate It. See your performance every month how you are improving and how you will improve in your future, analyse your performance, show gratitude towards the new things that you are learning every day. But never take the STEP BACK. Go ahead there is always something to learn. Don’t forget you can make your life beautiful with your hard work, skills, and talents.

Keep a Vision with You

Visualize your goals is one of the best things we can do before doing work. If you don’t want to take your step back visualize the things. Visualize that moment when you succeed, feel every moment LIVE THAT MOMENT. See yourself when your hard work pays off.

That moment has life in it.

Always find some ways to motivate yourself.

Here I am not referring to motivation as reading deep quotes and watching videos of Sandeep Maheshwari on YouTube, Motivation is something that keeps you awake that never push you down, it is something which you can feel. Yes, I agree you cannot feel it every time. But when no one will come and give you a hand to stand up after you fall on the ground and ask for help. You have to stand your own and conquer the war. 

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