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Why should brands do marketing campaigns around the festival season?

Companies can’t deny that they want to have a share of the customer’s wallet and, therefore, festivals seems to be a good time for them to attract the buyers. This can be understood as the occasion-based marketing. But for this, companies willing to promote their brands during the festive season should find out the similarity between their products and services.

Suppose, a company selling chocolates can connect itself to Raksha Bandhan festival, as brother gifts their sisters during this festival. Only then, the company will be able to create a clutter-breaking and impactful ads.

Similar to every year, this year too, brands have started making their presence among their audience. If not presence, the brands work on boosting their visibility during the festive season. There are various brands and almost all of them who have launched their occasion-based ads and are making impactful noise.

But what makes festivals such a great and fruitful opportunity for marketing the brands. Well, the below could be the factors. So let us read them one by one:

  • According to reports, India ranks second in the world for having huge number of smartphone users. The figures are somewhere around 300 million. This means during festivals, the users will be wishing each other through their smartphones. For companies, this can be a point of brand interaction with their audience and potential buyers. This is one of the biggest factors of utilizing festivals seasons for carrying out the marketing and promotion work.
  • Gone are the days, when people used to go to the market for shopping during the festivals. These days the majority of people prefer online shopping as it saves time and also requires less effort. According to reports, during the festival seasons, e-commerce sites experienced an increase of nearly 5 times in their overall purchase as compared to ordinary days. In fact, the visitors too increase during the festival seasons.
  • People generally wait for discounts and offers introduced by companies during the festive season. They think they will buy when their will be some offers. Moreover, who doesn’t like to bring new commodities to home during the holidays. If reports are to be believed, the sale on the festival date can go high up to 61%. This can bring a good benefit to the brands.
  • The best reason for utilizing the festival season for promoting brands is the popularity of Social Media advertising. People generally use social media for wishing their friend-circle and

acquaintances. Not only this, they upload videos, images and text messages on their social media accounts. Companies can therefore have marketing strategies for promoting their products and services.

The Indian community is always crazy about festivals and looks for ways to celebrate it with harmony. This opportunity should be utilized by the advertisers to promote and advertise their products and services. This way they will also be able to engage and retain their potential customers along with the loyal customers. There is no denying the fact that more and more people are using smartphones and the numbers are increasing significantly. Also, people look for online shopping offers during the festivals. Hence, festival season is a good time to advertise products and services. If you are looking for brand marketing services then feel free to contact creative thinks media.

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