Classified Ads: Perhaps the most basic form of advertisement to be used within the print media that caters to the marketing and advertising needs and requirements of the respective individuals, groups, organization or corporations. Classified ads have primarily been used to convey the core advertising message of the respective brands to the target audiences since ages with the help of short and crisp ad copies. A typical classified advertisement may read something like – “wanted: house cleaning staff” or “for sale: kitchen appliances”. These type of ads can most commonly be found within certain (dedicated) sections of the newspapers and are dominantly preferred by the advertisers because of their easy affordability. As a matter of fact, the overall market (throughout the world) for classified advertisements was estimated at over $100 billion in the year 2003. A typical classified advertisement is charged as per the total number of letters, words or lines it requires and can be brought to use by a budding as well as an established corporation.

Display Ads: Display advertisements acquire a special and well deserved position in the world of print media. Unlike classified ads, the display advertisements are not confined within any specific (or dedicated) advertisement space and can easily be found alongside regular editorials. However, a lot more attractive and engaging as compared to classified ads, display advertisements are primarily used for promotional activities of products, services or brands and charge a lot more than a typical classified ad. A typical display advertisement consists of a beautifully designed graphic showcasing the image of the concerned products or services to be advertised alongside engaging texts printed in a variety of fonts, sizes and colors. They vary in sizes and can be found across a number of rows and columns, half page or even full pages. These type of advertisements are charged on the basis of per sq. cm or per column cm and popularize amongst well established corporations with huge marketing budget who seek to aware their respective potential customers about their products or services.

Insert Ads: Specifically used for the promotion of consumer goods in the early days, insert ads have gained great recognition as a platform for promoting a humongous range of brand messages amongst the target audiences in the recent years. Like display ads, insert advertisements also have a blend of graphics and texts, however, the graphics used in a typical insert is way more creative and engaging as compared to a display ad counterpart. Apart from the dailies, insert ads can be found across a wide variety of print media like weekly newspapers and magazines which in turn adds up to the overall reach of these advertisements. Furthermore, these type of advertisements empower the advertisers to present their respective brands, products and services right in front of the target audiences in accordance to a particular demographic sorted out by various pin codes and market survey reports. With a bit more budget in hand, insert advertisements can prove to be a convenient way to reach out to the target audiences repeatedly.

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