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TOI Rates – Times Of India Display Advertisement Booking

TOI is one of the most popular dailies of India. Going by the numbers, it is the second most-read English newspaper in the country. Published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. and having a circulation of 30,00,000 newspapers every year, This daily can help you ace your marketing game if you publish the kind of ads at the right time. We are India's number 1 ad agency specializing in publishing ads in newspapers across India. From newspaper advertising rates Times Of India to TOI classified & Display rate card, we have curated a list of ads rates and services that you can avail.  For instant booking Call us +91 7290002168

A Complete Guide – How To Advertise In Times Of India

Print media continues to be the dominant form of advertising in India due to the credibility that it provides. While circulation and readership of some of the premium newspapers of the country continue to grow, 2019 witnessed an increase in print media ad revenue by Rs 22,424.3 crores as compared to the figures in 2018.

Isn’t that a phenomenal growth graph? 

Absolutely! So if you are a business owner or marketer, there is no denial of the fact that print media advertisements are an indispensable part of your advertising budget. 

In this article, we are going to discuss newspaper advertising costs of Times Of India as it is one of the most sold daily in the country. Talking about its circulation in Delhi, a total of 13,00,000 copies of TOI are sold in a year. Looking at its market share, one can surely plan of launching an ad campaign in TOI for amazing results and ROI.

So fasten your seat belts because Team Creative Thinks Media, the best ad agency in Delhi is going to unveil some of the hidden industry secrets about matrimonial newspaper advertising rates Times Of India.

Ad Type 1: Custom Size Ads

These ads can be printed on any page (except page number 1) and can consist of text and images. The minimum size requirement of such an ad is 20 square cm depending on the date and page that you select.

Ad Type 2: Fixed Size Ads

Fixed-size ads are often available in three sizes:

  1. Quarter Page (400 sq cm)

     2.  Half Page (825 sqcm) and 

     3.  Full page (1716 sq cm)

These types of ads are quite popular amongst mid-sized companies who wish to publish an ad every month or so. However, this price may vary depending on the day, date and season (marriage, festival, etc.) that you select. 

Ad Type 3: Jacket Ad

These ads are printed one the extra page that is added before the first page. Businesses usually have an option to wither book one side of this page or both the sides. 

According to our research and recent experiences, this type of newspaper advertising in the Times Of India costs Though these types of ads are quite costly, they deliver high value when it comes to building brand name and credibility in the minds of the readers.

AdType 4: Skybus

Skybus ads are usually fixed size ads at the top of the page just below the masthead section, these are the best form of ads when a business has to launch a short term campaign or a new product line.

Ad Type 5: Pointer Ads

These are 20 square cm small-sized ads usually displayed on the first page of the newspaper. according to the newspaper advertising in Times Of India, these ads render a great value when compared to the ROI delivered.

Ad Type 6: Classified Ads

These ads are quite famous amongst small businesses that want to target a local audience. With a small size of around 20 square cms, these ads can be printed in the form of text or display ads. According to Times Of India classified rate card 2020

Classified & Display ads are quite in demand for polishing matrimonial proposals, name change classified and advertisements for various vacancies. So if you are looking to publish a print ad soon, you have arrived at the right destination!

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This is all from our end at Creative Thinks Media, the best ad agency in Delhi. If you wish to publish an ad in TOI anytime soon, do connect with our team of experts for the best pricing and ad planning. 

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