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Times of India Display Classified Rates

Classified Advertisements in ‘The Times of India’: An overview

The Times of India (TOI) is one of the prominent newspapers that breaks the boundary of regions. Published from more than 36 locations across four corners of India, it is true to its name. In circulation, Times of India holds the third position in India among all newspapers, and first among the English news dailies. British Broadcasting Corporation had ranked The Times of India's one of the six best newspapers in the world. A newspaper is published by Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (BCCL), which is now part of ‘Times Group’.It is the second-oldest newspaper in our country. The very first edition of The Times of India was issued on 3 November 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce. In the beginning, the paper was published twice a week under the leadership of Raobahadur Narayan DinanathVelkar, a Maharashtrian Reformist. J.E. Brennan was its first editor. The newspaper started publishing daily editions in 1850. In 1861, its name was changed from the Bombay Times and Standard to The Times of India. Thomas Jewell Bennett along with Frank Morris Coleman acquired the newspaper in 1892, resulting in name Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd (current name).Owing to the trust built over the years, today many reputed advertisers prefer The Times of India to meet their advertising needs. One of the better advertising agencies of Delhi/NCRCreative Thinks Media, provides solutions for all your advertisement related needs at competitive rates. Our dedicated team of creative professionals is ready to serve you to make the task a lot easier and affordable. We are just one click away through our website to cater to all your advertising needs.

Coming to classified advertisements, they are more organic among all forms of advertisements. It is a small message like an advertisement that is direct in content and specific in the objective. Classified advertisements are commonly used by advertisers from all walks of life. Classified advertisements provide an easy and cheap solution to people from all occupations/lifestyles to meet their communication needs for varying purposes. These needs can include some of the following, matrimonial, public notice, recruitment, property, remembrance, announcements, obituary, court notice, etc.

Placing the Display classified advertisements in TOI is our focus for discussion. To begin with, we will first analyze the factors involved with placing the classified advertisements in the newspaper.

How to book Times of India classified advertisement

Classified advertisements can be booked through direct (agencies or walk-in) and online platforms. In recent times when people are becoming tech-savvy, they prefer to book using online platforms.

These options and choices are detailed below for information.

Booking classified advertisements in TOI is a simple process. There are number of websites offering this service. They pop up with no efforts using simple keywords to make the task super easy. They also offer you a wide range of choices, including The Time of India. The process designed is simple. One can follow instructions and options given with the help of samples provided by the websites. Payment modes are non-complicated and easy. The Times Group itself has provided a link for one platform on its web page to make the classified advertisement process user friendly, and economical with all the basic information and options provided to the user.

The standard format of Times of India classified advertisement:

The Website gives you both the options to choose from Simple Classified ad and Classified Display adSimple Classified advertisements are normal text-only ads. These ads are booked either in running text (ROL)or Run on Display (ROD)with some part of the text in bold or Capital letters. Another format is Classified Display Advertisement. These ads have a block-like appearance, can be published in color or b/w with images and logos. These ads have better visibility and response.

Categories offered for Times of India classified advertisement:

You have to choose from a number of categories depending upon the nature of the advertisement to be published. Some of the categories, also detailed earlier, include matrimonial, public notice, recruitment, property, remembrance, announcements, obituary, court notice, etc.

Location choices for Times of India classified advertisement:

After choosing the category, you have to select the location where you want your classified advertisement to be published. As the newspaper has many editions, you have to select the location or the edition(s) according to your need.

TOI Full page classified ad pricing details:

The classified section of TOI is the most cost-effective way for small advertisers to promote their products and services. In this competitive market, this section provides the advertisers with the best possible way to get noticed by their target market in the most affordable way. Advertising itself is an expensive affair if you really want your product /service to stand out in the market. Creative Think Media allows you to get attractive rates and amazing discount packages for The Time of India front page Classified advertisements. Below we have provided information about two types of classified ads (Classified Text Ads and Classified Display Ads):

Classified Text Ads: This is a comparatively cheaper option for low budget advertisers or casual advertisers. These are simple text ads also known as ROL (run online)Advertisement cost is calculated on the number of lines used. The base rate/minimum charge for The Times Of India Classified is specified for five lines, every extra line is charged as per the rate card specifications. You can add some enhancements along with your text like symbols, tick mark and font and color options with marginal price. This helps your ads getting better visibility and response.

Classified display ads:

These advertisements are like box ads. These ads are printed on the classified pages of The Times of India main newspaper. It contains imageslogos, designs, colors to enhance visibility. The rates for classified ads are calculated on per sq cm basis. The minimum advertisement size is 3x5. The width of the ad is 3cms fixed (single column)for these kinds of ads. These ads for ideal for obituary, recruitment, education-related advertisements.

Composing your own TOI classified advertisement

Now you will start composing your advertisement in the space given. You have to type your advertisement in the same box. There are options regarding ad visibility and enhancements like tick mark, arrow signs, color fill and other symbols.

TOI classified ad schedule

The next you have to choose is the scheduled date on which you want your advertisement to be published in the newspaper(s).

TOI classified ad payment

The last step is to confirm and pay for best Creative ad agency in Noida or Gurgaon your advertisement. You can use any mode of payment given like debit and credit cards, net banking, etc. Before making the payment you can see the preview of the ad you have composed to rule out any mistake. These were the few simple steps to follow to publish your classified advertisements without any hassle.

Advantages of booking ads online for TOI through Creative Thinks Media:

Booking online ads is the simplest way to publish your advertisements in The Times of India. You can book your advertisements at a discounted price through our website Creative Thinks Media. With more than two decades of experience in the industry, we provide the best rates and suggestions to our clients for yielding the best results that too sitting at your place. All the information regarding the TOI classified ad rates along with the current TOI rate card for 2020 can be referred for a better understanding of the tariff.  We are aadvertising agency authorized by The Times of India to sell their ad inventory.

The classified section of the daily is as popular as display advertisement. Placing your classified advertisement in The Times of India gives you extra mileage keeping in view the coverage and popularity of this leading daily. Our support is further icing on the cake to provide you best out of the best.

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