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Are Newspapers Relevant in the Digital Age?

Newspapers have been the oldest form of mass media and have been called to be one of the most authentic sources of information everywhere around the world. With the advent of digital media there is a discussion going around whether the print industry will survive or not as everything is available on phones with just a click of a second and there are no extra fees that you have to pay for access to that news. So does that mean within a few years we won’t be seeing newspapers or the traditional media will be able to coexist with the new media?

Below are the few reasons why newspapers are and will be still relevant in the age of new media:

Newspapers are part of daily routines:


We all know that newspapers are what many people begin their morning with, especially people who are in the Mid 40s and 30s and who are raised with newspapers being the only source of information at that time. Newspaper isn’t only the source of information but also a habit they have adopted and hence we don’t see newspapers going away as they have become part of people's lives. They would still consider newspapers over any other medium of news.

Newspapers are still a more authentic source of News:

Newspapers have been authentic sources of information primarily because the journalists writing for newspapers have more time to investigate and gather information and there is no pressure of “breaking the news”. On the other hand the new media channels have the need to be timely and break the news at the very moment and hence often the misinformation to spreads very soon in the digital space. Whereas on the other hand newspapers come out on the next day which allows journalists to provide more authentic and credible information. This feature always helped newspapers to stay ahead in the game when it comes to authenticity.

Newspaper are more organized:

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With the advent of information on digital platforms, news comes every second and it’s impossible to track so much information coming your way and without the lack of space, the information is very cluttered and all over the place. On the other hand, newspapers are very organized in the way they present the news. Like we know the most important information is always on the first page, the second page is for city news, the last page is a sports page and so on. This makes it very easy for the reader to read and access news and with the limited space they tend to incorporate all the important information which makes it again very feasible.

Comfort of reading on paper:

Newspapers are more soothing to the eyes than reading news on any digital platform. We all know that there are always multiple things going on in one’s phone or tablet which means that you cannot just focus as something or the other will pop out for you and moreover it’s difficult to read very lengthy pieces on the screen as they tend to hurt eyes but the newspaper is very comfortable to read and you can always use them as your detox time from the digital media. Also, many aged people tend to enjoy reading newspapers because of their ease of reading nature.

Newspapers can hold attention:

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The new digital age has led to a situation where a person is consuming so much that it is impossible to attain people’s attention. Like we know people are watching television while completing their work or cooking and simultaneously chatting with friends and in between all of this is impossible to grab the attention of the readers, especially when it comes to advertisements. Hence many advertisers still prefer to choose print over any other medium as the attention retaining the power of newspapers is much higher than any other medium.

Newspapers are beyond digital divide:

Even as of now when we talk today about digital media there are places where there is no access to information or there are many people who are not competent with accurate digital literacy and for such people and in such areas the newspapers and other traditional media are the only sources of information. So till the time, we don't equip everyone in our society with adequate technology and literacy there is no way we can say that newspapers are not relevant. We always look into the digital divide which is present and for those people newspapers are still the primary source of information.

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