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A Very Happy Birthday To The Best Boss – Mr. Ritz Malik!

Happy birthday, Mr. Ritz Malik! On 16th September, one of the best advertising and media professionals in the country was born. And we are so grateful that you are our boss, who knows all the tricks and trades of media management and advertising.

A Managing Director, a Film Producer, and  Founder / Worker at Creative Thinks Media, Ritz Malik is all that a modern advertising and marketing professional aspires to be.

One of the most successful advertising professionals currently, Mr. Ritz Malik completed his school education from Mont Saint Mary in Delhi Cantt. And started his career as a Sales agent at Videocon in 1995. That’s where his journey of starting his own Advertising Company began.

After working at Videocon till 1998, Mr. Malik further worked as a Senior Sales Executive at Tata Donnelley Ltd from 1998-2000.

After this, from 2000 to 2001, he worked as a Business Development Manager at B - EARTH & SPIRE pvt. Ltd and then showed his expertise at N.N Publication.

While working at N.N Publication from 2001 to 2003, Mr. Ritz Malik had published the local tourist guide for Delhi city under the name of EXCESS INFO. That was his first stint as an entrepreneur where Mr. Malik learned the art of multi-tasking. The magazine didn’t get published forever but was able to give Mr. Malik amazing learning's for a lifetime.

After these stints, Mr. Malik worked in Radio Today Delhi Broadcasting Limited (93.5 Red FM) for 5 years. There, he showed his advertising and marketing skills in various top positions like the National activation head and Regional Sales head.

In August 2008, after years of experience in the Media and Advertising industry, Mr. Ritz Malik started his own Media and Advertising Company ‘Ritz Media World’, which is now one of the best in the business. Although that was a long journey, it was a worthwhile one because of all Mr. Malik's encounters on his way.

Mr. Ritz Malik completely agrees and follows the ideology of Dhirubhai Ambani when he said

‘’बड़ा सोचो, तेजी से सोचो, आगे की सोचो.’’

Taking inspiration from an acknowledged entrepreneur like Steve Jobs, Dhirubhai Ambani and Bharti Mittal, Mr. Ritz Malik in the year 2008 marked the inception of Creative Thinks Media. On 16 August 2008, Creative Thinks Media took shape as a full-service advertising agency which was started by Mr. Malik’s idea of doing something to benefit his fellow employees of the advertising industry.

In a world where complicated tactics, long-drawn conversations and many self-help books and essays on the secrets of success are increasingly focused, few people have managed to keep it easy. And one of these is the chairman of Ritz Media World & Creative Thinks Media, Mr. Ritz Malik.

Becoming a successful professional and entrepreneur in advertising does not happen by chance or mistake. It is a long process involving different strategies, characteristics and standards of the person who wishes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Ritz Malik, a successful entrepreneur and media professional in his field, says "It's not an easy job to become a successful media and advertisement businessman! There are certain attributes and techniques that are absolutely important if you want your entrepreneurial projects to be successful.’’

Have a Wonderful Birthday!

Creative Thinks Media