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How To Give Name Change Ad in Newspaper For Passport?

Changing a name for passport application is way too common than you think. With reasons like marriage, divorce, change of religion, etc. it becomes imperative for people to change their names on legal documents.

Hence, in this article, we are going to break the complete process of publishing a name change ad in a newspaper into three easy steps.

Sounds interesting? Then let’s get started!


The first step involves a legal procedure, and that is submitting an affidavit. You can approach a local notary and get the documentation done. The notary will commend you a stamp paper for the affidavit.

Once you have the stamp paper, just provide the following details in the same:

  1. Present name and a new name

    2. Current address

    3. Reason for your name change

Once your document is ready, you need to get it signed by two gazetted officers. Make sure that the document also has the official stamps of these offers to comply with the requirements of the name change. 

Make sure that you have two copies of this document to avoid any legal compilations in the future. 

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The next step after your affidavit is ready is to find two newspapers, one in the official language of the state and one in English. Suppose you are in Madhya Pradesh, then you can opt for Dainik Bhaskar and Times of India

Once you have selected the newspapers, you need to submit the following details to their team so that your ad can be published. 

  1. Present name and a new name

    2. Identity proof and address proof 

    3. Reason for name change

However, most of the people encounter a problem when it comes to getting a publishing date from both the newspaper publications.

To solve this, we at Creative Thinks Media help you in booking a slot, designing, and writing an advertisement piece for you. This not only takes away all your tension but also assures you about the quality of the ad and the final output.

As soon as you send your requirements to our team of experts, we connect with the newspapers on behalf of you and book an advertisement slot according to your preferences. You can choose between a display and a text ad. 

After that, we curate the name change ad for you, design it, and send it for your approval. 

Hence, booking an ad slot via us means amazing work, minimum cost, and no worries!


Is your ad published in two newspapers? Then well done, you have reached the final step, which is that you need to get a name change gazette notification published. This will make your new name legally binding. 

For this, you need to arrange for a deed changing name form the Controller of Publication or write a letter of declaration. Then make a bundle of original copies of the published advertisements, two of your attested photos, address proof, identity proof, and submit it to the Controller of Publication. 

Once your documents are verified, you will receive copies of the Gazette notification that you can keep safely for future reference.

This is the complete process of changing the name for a passport and publishing an ad. Don’t forget to connect with our experts at Creative Thinks Media for any assistance. Call us: 7290002168

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