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Newspaper Advertising in Karol Bagh

Finally, you have found the various Newspaper Ad Agency in Karol Bagh. What is your next step? Choose one the best out of it is predominantly your primary task.  

One factor that most out of us use while selecting things is the cost. The cost of various classified newspaper advertising agencies may vary and could be changed. This game all depends upon some factors which are being considered by newspaper advertisement agencies. Book Dainik Jagran newspaper at low cost

Factors Which Affects Newspaper Advertising Costs

How much costs you by the classified Newspaper Advertisement in Karol Bagh? The answer would be - "It all depends". The Karol Bagh newspaper ads rates depend on several factors, some of which you might find surprising. Some of the factors that affect newspaper advertising costs are:

  • Type of Advertisement
  • Size of your Advertisement
  • Time Duration for the Ad
  • Section or Lift - out
  • Page position within a section
  • Left-hand side Vs Right-Hand side
  • Color Vs black and white
  • annual spend/expenditure commitment

Furthermore, we will discuss the aforementioned factors in detail that determine Karol Bagh newspaper ads rates. 

Details of the Factors

TYPE – 1: Type of Ad

It is the first factor which decides the cost of newspaper advertisements. It can be of the type of display, classified and non-classified. They use colors, illustrations, photographs, or fancy lettering to attract the reader's attention. The newspaper advertisements charged at the rate per single column, per line and pages. And it all depends upon the type of ads you use.

TYPE – 2: Size of Ad

It is the second factor that contributes to the cost. Many newspapers provide you their standard as well as irregular spaces for advertisements. And your ads need to fit in that space. But be prepared, they cost you more for the irregular sizes and shapes for the ads.

TYPE – 3: Day of the Week

It is the third factor that contributes to the cost. It depends upon the day of the week on which the advertisement is published. The advertising rates of newspapers are adjusted accordingly. For instance - the rates are cheaper on a weekday, more expensive on a Saturday, and most expensive on a Sunday.

TYPE – 4: Different Sections or Lift-Outs

It is the fourth factor that determines newspaper advertising costs. The newspaper provides you different sections as well as lift-outs. You can choose your choice sections for your advertisement as different sections attract different users. For instance - Real Estate, Adult Services, and Business.

TYPE – 5: Page Position Within a Section

It can significantly affect the price of a newspaper ad. It depends upon the page number on which our ad appears. And within the sections of the newspapers. The front part is called the most expensive part of the newspaper which includes 10 or so pages. It is referred to as early general news.

TYPE – 6: Left Hand Side Vs Right Hand Side

It is related to the position of the ad. It depends upon the side of an open newspaper in which the ad appears. You might be surprised to know that the left side ad costs you more than the right-side ad. It is mostly focused part of the readers. These factors also tied with page position and section in which the ad appears.

TYPE – 7: Color Vs Black and White

The advertisement costs also depend upon the Color of the ads. Color ads are more expensive than black, white and any other Color formats. Some newspapers may distinguish between multi-Color advertisements and those that only feature one added Color (called "spot Color")

TYPE – 8: Expenditure Commitment

It is the factors that also affect the prices of the newspapers. You can avail of the discount on the newspaper ads if you are ready to spend money for the 12 months. You cannot achieve if you use newspaper ads for a short period. One thing needs to know that discounts relied on the budget that you are ready to spend on the ads. 


Now you are aware of the factors which affect the price of Newspaper Advertisement in Karol Bagh. You can decide now how to spend on newspaper ads in a better way. If newspaper advertising seems beyond your budget, then it might be worth considering more cost-effective alternatives, such as online advertising.

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