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Sushant Singh Rajput – The Brilliant & Intelligent Gen-Next Star, Who Went Too Soon.

Early Life

Sushant Singh Rajput was an Indian movie and television actor from Patna, Bihar, born to a Rajput family. Sushant Singh Rajput was born to Krishna Kumar Singh and Usha Singh in Patna, Bihar state. He was the youngest of five siblings and had Gulshan's nickname. One of his four sisters, Mitu Singh, would become a cricket player at the state level. He attended Patna’s St. Karen's High School. After the death of his mother in 2002, Rajput moved to Delhi where he graduated from Kulachi Hansraj Model School.

Rajput was reportedly an enthusiastic reader who had a keen interest in astrophysics and won the Physics National Olympiad. He gained admission to the Delhi College of Engineering (later renamed Delhi Technological University) to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering. According to Rajput, he was not interested in engineering but his family offered him no choice that left him unhappy. Instead, he wanted to become an astronaut and later an air force pilot, but he was also interested in becoming a Bollywood actor due to his liking of Shah Rukh Khan.

Tryst with Television and Bollywood

He is best known for his role in biopic sports M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story. Since childhood, Singh has been pampered and indulged by his four elder sisters, and Sushant has been a fun-loving, jovial guy with an emotional heart. He dared his parents to fulfill his dreams of entering the glamour industry, promising to return if things failed.

When he began, though, he had no excuse to look back at all. Sushant switched to dance after he saw Choreographer Shiamak Daawar's troupe dancing. He joined the troupe and continued to appear at the Commonwealth Games and Filmfare Awards 2006. He also entered the theatre classes of Barry John upon his return. Moving to Mumbai, Singh danced with troupe Ashley Lobo, learned martial arts from Allan Amin and helped Mohit Suri make Raaz 2. During this time he continued his involvement in the theatre and was a member of the Ekjute theatre party of Nadira Babbar

Following an NGO action, Singh was offered the role of Preet in Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil, and his success led him to the role of Manav in Pavitra Rishta and projects such as Zara Nachke Dikha's Season Two and Jhalak Dikhla Jaa’s Season Four.

He was paired with choreographer Shampa Sonthalia in Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa 4 and his contributions in the show of many styles of dance earned him the Most Successful Performer award.

After acting in Pavitra Rishta for two and a half years in November 2011, Singh left to pursue more ventures. In Kai Po Che Sushant made his film debut! (2013), for which he was nominated for Best Male Debut Filmfare Award.

Interests, hobbies and his ambitions

Actor Sushant Singh Rajput from Bollywood was full of dreams and worked hard to fulfill them. His fans began to post his handwritten list of 50 dreams as the whole country shook its early death.

The actor 'MS Dhoni' shared 50 dreams he was aiming to complete in September last year. In a series of tweets, the 34-year-old actor has come to Twitter to share his bucket list of 50 items, including some personal ambitions and philanthropy, in handwritten notes.

Learning to fly a plane was first on the list. He posted a 35-second video of him twelve days after he shared his list, checking out the first dream off the list. He kept updating his 1.9 million followers on all his dreams using two hashtags — #living my dreams # loving mydreams.

The second category included IronMan triathlon preparation, recognized as one of the world's most demanding endurance events. The participant will swim 3.8 km, bike 180 km and then run for 42.195 km in one day. He also succeeded in playing the cricket match with the left hand from his list.

The Kai Po Che's actor wanted to learn the Morse Code, teach space to girls, tennis with a world champion and force up four claps.

The second set of goals included a one week diagram of trajectories of Moon, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn, a double divided experiment that provides an insight into the world of microscopy, 1000 trees, ISRO and NASA workshops for children to be delivered and Mount Kailash to meditate.

He successfully plunged into a blue-hole plonger (in Belize, Central America, deep underwater sinkhole).

Rajput was an engineering student in Delhi before turning to a small screen and one of his dreams was for an eveniTelevision careerng to spend in his engineering hostel, which was a bit realized by his last filming tour in Chichhore. The 2019 film saw the actor playing an engineering student who will relay a message of hope and affirmation to his son who wants to kill himself in the future.

His 12th dream was fulfilled with minor modifications, spending an evening in his Delhi College of Engineering hostel. He was preparing a day trip to his University of Technology at Alma Mater, Delhi.

Personal Goals and life aims

The actor had long-term ambitions listed in his must-do list, from playing poker with a pro and having six-pack abs in six months, to writing a book and learning Vedic astrology.

He wanted to paint the Aurora Borealis, also called the Northern Lights, attend another NASA workshop, teach visually impaired coding and spend a week in a forest.

Despite the verging fog, the actor managed to visit Disneyland in October.

The actor had also stated, returning to his love for sinkholes, that he wanted to swim in Cenotes, which he managed to achieve in September-end.

Via his dream list the actor provided a great insight into his life. It indicated he had a passion for science, physics, astronomy and adventurous at the same time.

When he visited the European Nuclear Research Agency, he checked the 17th point off his list, and spent a whole day at the Massive Hadron Collider, CERN.

The next one on his list was Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory in the US, after checking CERN off his list.

He wanted to raise a horse, learn at least 10 styles of dance, work to promote people's free education, practice kriya yoga (also called pranayama), visit Antarctica and shoot an active volcano.

He got his hands on a powerful telescope and investigated the spiraling Andromeda Galaxy that appears nearest to the Milky Way. He also taught self-defense to women, who were 33rd on his list. He dreamed of learning how to farm, teaching kids to dance, finishing reading the entire physics book of Resnick & Halliday, understanding Polynesian astronomy, learning guitar chords from his 50 favorite songs, playing chess with a grandmaster and owning a Lamborghini.

Keeping an arrow and a bow, he knit 37th point off his list of being an ambidextrous archer.

He wanted to visit St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna in this last package, help train students for the Indian Defense Forces, make a documentary about Swami Vivekananda, learn how to surf, function in artificial intelligence and exponential technologies, learn Capoeira (a form of martial art), and travel through Europe by train.

He succeeded in achieving one aim from his last collection of dreams-conducting cymatics experiments-a visible sound analysis.

Rajput was found hanging at his home in Bandra, renowned for movies like "MS Dhoni: The Untold Tale" and "Kedarnath"

The actor, who originally came from Patna, succeeded in ticking off 12 goals from his list before bidding his final goodbye.

The Mumbai chapter

The actor sons and daughters of popular movie folk are "launched" (and relaunched if they don't take off at first) in the Hindi cinema. Everybody else has to count on being "discovered," whether by modeling, advertisements, theatre, dance, or television. Shah Rukh Khan is the story of Cinderella that ignited a million unrealistic dreams, being a no one from Delhi to achieving a phenomenal level of film stardom inspired many. However, of the many actors who crossed from television, only Rajput and Ayushmann Khurrana, who started his career as a participant and host of the reality show, achieved something similar to Khan's level of stardom.

Television career

In the beginning, Rajput did a bit of everything: he was a dancer in the troupe of Shiamak Davar, a student acting with Barry John, a member of the Ekjute theatre community of Nadira Babbar. He started his television career on Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil and became a star when Ekta Kapoor played the lead in another show she made, Pavitra Rishta. He was looking to a decidedly uncertain future when he quit TV protection in 2011. Then, as now, there was no shortage of young actors with industry ties in Bollywood — Ranveer Singh had burst onto the scene with Band Baaja Baaraat (2010), Ranbir Kapoor had been around for a couple of years, and Karan Johar had signed Varun Dhawan for Student Of The Year (2013).

Movie Debut and Film Career

Not with standing the odds, the entry of Rajput into the film could not have been smoother. He was spotted in a coffee shop by casting director Mukesh Chhabra, and brought in to read the 2013 film Kai Po Che by Abhishek Kapoor! In Ishaan’s part, he was cast alongside Rajkummar Rao and Amit Sadh, both fairly new to the business, a carefree jock who finds passion in coaching a young cricketer. The movie was a major hit, with its breakout star Rajput. His performance had an ease, a non-threatening manly charm, as well as a quality that in most actors would seem old-fashioned but which Rajput made his own: honesty. He was not the most complex artist but since he seemed so sincere you believed him.

His run continued with elegance. Maneesh Sharma's sharp comedy Shuddh Desi Romance (2013), in which he played an engagement-averse man in love with the equally engaging, manic pixie of Parineeti Chopra, followed next. His presence and the line "Sarfaraz dhoka nahi diya tha (Sarfaraz did not betray you)" was renowned across the border with Yash Raj Film's (YRF's) Byomkesh Bakshy! He joined Rajkumar in 2014 in Rajkumar Hirani's Smash-hit PK as Sarfaras, a Pakistani national in love with an Indian girl—a big film by a major studio, planned as a franchise—and Shekhar Kapur's ambitious Paani under his banner.

In Detective Byomkesh Bakshy!, the adaptation of the Bengali detective series by Dibakar Banerjee, he was a delightful Byomkesh — energetic, clever, visibly pleased with himself (unlike your usual inscrutable sleuth, he smiles a great deal). But the 2015 film, crafted immaculately yet planned inchoately, has been a commercial disappointment. Rajput followed, playing the former Indian cricket captain in M.S. with a big score. Dhoni (2016): The Untold Story. Then came the lean time – a box-office loss in Raabta (2017), a Kedarnath (2018) decent earner. He left YRF Talent in the midst of reports of an Aditya Chopra split over Ranveer Singh's preferential treatment. There was also the long process of waiting for Paani to materialize (it never did), and in that time, the projects turned down.

It's not so surprising that in two years he'd had two mid-films. Today actors with much worse career graphs work in Hindi cinema. It is more than that Rajput was never spoken of as a truly big star, even at the height of his success. On the face of it, that seems incredible: He was the leader in three major successes in his seven-year career and cameoed in a fourth movie. But success in box offices isn't always a stardom guarantor in a town wary of young outsiders.

To persuade the audience and industry that he or she is as safe a box-office bet as a mediocre, unmotivated and privileged establishment elite, it takes double the talent, commitment, and hard work for an outsider. This causes intense rage and frustration. Those who can withstand this fall. Those who can't — those who do a little more damage or are vulnerable and impressive — are at risk.

An avid Astronomy and Space enthusiast

The ardent stargazer was trained at NASA to prepare for a Bollywood Sci-Fi Chanda Mama Door Ke astronaut (a reference from a popular Hindi nursery rhyme cryptically alluding to the distant moon as an embodiment of the mother's uncle).

Rajput was highly involved in astrophysics, unlike many of his Bollywood contemporaries. He was a national Olympic champion in physics and studied engineering before going on to pursue an acting career. Fascinating factoids about planets, distant galaxies and further reaches of the cosmos filled Rajput's social media accounts, including his more than 11 million followers Instagram account and his nearly 2 million followers Twitter account.

Rajput preferred to write "Photon in a double-slit" instead of embellishing his Twitter and Insta bios with the regular showbiz buzzwords, referring to the famous double-slit experiment first conducted by English physicist Thomas Young.

Some media outlets reported the 34-year-old movie star hyperbolically purchased a piece of land on the far side of the moon. Rajput himself laughed at it in one of his tweets because he knew it was a ridiculous argument to make because the Outer Space Treaty provisions explicitly forbid people from purchasing any piece of the only natural satellite on Earth. But unfounded theories do not negate Rajput’s sincere fascination with celestial mechanics.

He was so fascinated with the wonders of the cosmos that for his stargazing enjoyment he had an advanced telescope called the Meade 14′′ LX600. Sometimes when traveling for work or fun, he would bring the telescope along.

A dependable star in Advertising world

His aura was not limited to the film industry but also trickled down into the advertising world. He was one of those stars who had a brand-filled kitty and was recognised instead of quantity for his quality work.

He was first spotted with Aishwarya Rai on a LUX soap TVC in 2011. Pepsi announced him in 2013 as a brand ambassador for its Pepsi Atom sub-brand. He had been seen in ad campaigns promoting the product. Rajput supported several brands and products from Kingfisher, Lux Cozi, Garnier Men, Nissan Terrano to Close Up, Flying Machine and One Plus

However, he specifically declined to be the brand face help of fairness cream and also rejected a proposal by Rs 15 Crore because it was unethical and racist.

In 2018, Rajput joined NITI Aayog in supporting women 's entrepreneurship and empowering women to create a lively ecosystem.

He partnered with DHFL Pramerica Life Insurance for another reason to launch the Behtar India campaign, with the aim of taking India towards a healthier, cleaner and greener future to build a better India.

Brand favourite: Some brands he endorsed -

Here is a look at his most attractive publicity campaigns over the years:

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Menswear brand Donear NXG has collaborated as their new brand ambassador with Rajput. He has been seen promoting the most recent collection.


In 2018, European footwear major Bata roped him as a brand ambassador to promote his casual footwear line, helping the brand become more popular and aspiring among the younger generation.


In 2018, the brand announced Rajput's association along with Kriti Sanon to promote its wide range of appliances and help accelerate the popularity of the brand among new-age clients. The pair was seen in numerous ad campaigns advertising different products.


When the brand forayed into the field of personal grooming in 2017, it roped Rajput as their first brand ambassador to interact with the target audience. The change was planned so that the brand is not only recognizable in the big cities and metro but also in small towns and non-metro cities.


In 2017, the affordable watch brand of Tata Group, Sonata roped in Rajput. The brand intended to highlight younger generations' ambition through the bold choices that they make. People hailed the ad video, Khud Par Yakeen Karo.

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