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How Coronavirus is Impacting Advertising

the world being impacted due to COVID-19 more than ever, lockdowns have been imposed all over the world. This has put an end to a lot of jobs and has the economy dropping like never before. With the lockdown, people aren’t allowed to leave their houses which means even those who have jobs have to work from home.

Since stepping out of the house isn’t allowed, a lot of advertisements, movies and TV series had to stop video shoots and have no option but to play the videos that have already been shot. In recent days, it’s rare to see a new ad playing on TV since no one is allowed to go to their studios.

However, companies that sell food and daily necessities have been airing their advertisements more than ever so that whenever people go out to buy their regular groceries, they might try out what they saw on TV. Billions of people around the world are sitting in front of their TVs and phones all day which makes it very effective for advertisers to run their ads.

Advertisements of digital products and services have been making the rounds more than ever during the lockdown as buying digital things is the only thing that is feasible at the moment. Software subscriptions, writing services and advertising are just a few digital services that people are making use of. There has been a decline in the airing of suitcases and luggage brand advertisements as it makes sense that people would be staying home and they wouldn’t prefer going out anytime soon.

Brands are now targeting TV advertisements and digital ads on social media, emails, and video channels as everyone would be home and online during this lockdown. Advertising on big hoardings and billboards as well as in events has decreased a lot due to the less exposure that they’ll provide. Companies are cutting down their budget for physical advertisements and are making the switch to digital.

Industries such as video streaming, healthcare, home-delivery and more will see a surge in demand for services whereas the tourism, event management, and other such industries will be hit and will make an impact on the company and its employees.

Companies have cut down their budgets for advertising so TV channels and other media operators may decrease their prices for advertising to accommodate the companies’ low spend.

Since all the events and conferences are being conducted online, the demand for video conferencing apps like Zoom and Google Hangouts have been ever increasing. These video conferencing companies have benefitted a lot and are continuously working on catering to the needs of everyone that’s at home. Companies like these are running ads and promoting their brands on social media. The app’s users are also doing half of their promotion work by word of mouth. When companies like these provide top-notch services, the customers speak for themselves and promote it by talking about it with other companies or people that might be needing those services.

Online shopping platforms have decreased their ad spend as they aren’t shipping any other products except for basic necessities. The world is on the way to healing and when everything will be better soon, advertising will resume its previous form.

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