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Branding V/S Advertising: Know What Your Brand Requires!

A long time ago, there was a business owner who had an amazing product idea. He built a team to work on it and together they launched a product that was a clear-cut winner in the market. 

However, two years later, they had to shut down because of no sales. 

That is the thing business owners need to understand - Your product is the cake, and advertising + branding is the icing. You cannot leave the cake without frosting and expect people to love it and cherish it. Hence, in this article, we at Creative Thinks Media, the number one digital marketing agency in Noida, have curated a clear differentiation between branding and advertising that will help you in determining what means what.

So grab a cup of coffee and dive into the world of marketing with us!

Branding: Do you know what determines the strength of a building? It is its foundation. So in simpler terms, branding is nothing but the foundation for marketing. 

Everything from your logo to the design of your website is a part of your company’s branding. When deciding upon a branding strategy for your business, it is very important for you to keep in mind the problem that your product is trying to solve and then convey it with your company’s marketing collateral. 

The complete process of planning and getting the required output = Branding

If the above equation is clear to you then here is a list of actionable strategies that you can implement for starting your branding process:

  1. Research and find what is trending in your niche
  2. Decide upon a branding message
  3. Develop a tagline
  4. Build your buyer’s persona
  5. Be in constant contact with your target audience
  6. Have a design guide for your brand niche
  7. Build a website and social media handles in such a way that the primary brand guidelines are visible
  8. Curate a brand voice and give it a personal touch - For this, you can get a mascot or an avatar designed

Now when you understand what branding is, here is the complete the theory around advertising.

Advertising is a way to connect your brand with your target audience. It is a means for your brand to establish long-lasting relationships with your prospects by means of online and offline activations and activities. 

So once the foundation of your brand, i.e., your branding strategy is in place, you can leverage advertising to pull up the revenue and profits. 

To start with advertising, you can keep the following pointers in mind:

  1. Start with market research
  2. Choose the mediums that work the best for your target audience
  3. Devise a budgeting strategy
  4. Work on your social media handles and SEO strategy
  5. Hire a digital marketing agency to help you in setting up your content strategy
  6. Do A/B testing before mass advertising
  7. Mix online, ATL and BTL activities for garnering local and global reach
  8. Hire Creative Thinks Media if you are stuck anywhere!

That is all from our end!

We hope that you now understand the difference between branding and advertising. Though they are different sides of the same coin, it is essential for a brand to know what comes when for obtaining maximum ROI. 

If you wish to hire us for branding + advertising of your business, then do connect with our experts @Creative Thinks Media, the number 1 advertising agency in Delhi.

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