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10 Digital Marketing Trends

We are well into 2020 and the marketing Gurus and blogs have already curated ultimate guides cheat sheets and infographics about digital marketing trends of 2020 but we at Creative Thinks Media decided to go another way round. We did a 50 days experiment with all the trends highlighted over various platforms and here is a list that we officially sign off on!

If you are a marketing ninja who loves to stay in the game and play with the latest trends then this blog is just for you. Our team of experts has tried and tested out these techniques for our clients and the results have been scoreboard breaking.

So grab a cup of coffee and let’s get started!

TREND 1: Video Content Happens To Rule The Game

When 83% of the marketers say that they get higher ROI with video marketing, you ought to believe it. With the short attention span of users and an abundance of content over the internet, there is nothing that can beat videos in terms of engagement and ROI.


Platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram etc. have started pushing videos to the next level. Better organic reach and engagement, less money and more traffic - Videos are ruling the industry altogether.

Plus, there are several video making and marketing tools available in the market, showing how this trend is spread its wings.

Trend 2: Conversational AI Is The Next Bet

There is nothing more important than a personalized conversation and a lightning-fast reply - All this is now possible with conversational AI, the technology that is making chatbots smatter with the power of artificial intelligence. Being highly leveraged in the BFSI sector, this tech is moving the barrels of traditional marketing in the traditional sectors.

82% of the customers like an immersive experience and that is what conversational AI is here to provide.

Trend 3: Micro-Influencers Are Cool And In Fashion

It is highly expensive to get mega influencers on board so growth hackers around the world started leveraging micro-influencers for brand promotions and the results? The reach, engagement and ROI are unbeatable. These micro-influencers have a small clan of followers but a dedicated one. They are great for shoutouts and paid collaborations!

Bonus Tip? You can also leverage viral pages over instagram to get a shoutout for your business. This will get you, followers and clients, in less time.

Trend 4: Voice Search Is Here - Brace It!

According to Wordstream, 50% of all searches in 2020 would be by voice. This simply means Google Assitant, Google Home, Alexa and Siri are on fire! People have less time to scroll through their phone and there is nothing faster than a voice command.

Many blogs such as YourStory have started transcribing their blogs into audio so that they can be searched via voice search! So their trend is already on fire and being adopted by some big names in the industry.

Trend 5: Social Media Stories - 5 seconds to success

Social media stories aka Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat stories have gained popularity since a year or so. Growth hackers have been specifying that they have been leveraging stories to increase the account’s reach and engagement.

So be it an influencer or a business account, stories are in trend and this trend is here to stay!

Trend 6: Push Notification Are The New Form SMS

Gone are the days when SMS were a source of personal communication. Though, there is no denial of the fact SMS marketing still works but push notification are in trend too. Better engagement, more traffic and astounding conversions - Push Notifications are killing it all!

Bonus? Push Notifications are easy to set with so many tools available. Just write good content, use emoticons, ask questions, and you are good to go!

Trend 7: Online Reputation Management - Did you check what is happening around your brand?

Traditionally, brands were all about curating sales content and then posting them over social media. But today, when customers can make or break a brand, brands need to be conscious of their reputation online. With online reputation management or ORM, brands can simply monitor sentiments around their name over the internet. This will help them to trigger the right action whenever something negative or positive is posted around them!

Trend 8: Shoppable Posts

Instagram is loaded with such posts and why not? They are highly actionable and helps in getting quick sales for the brands over the platform. These posts are a way to reduce the size of the sales funnel, hence increasinCTR and ROI.

On the other hand, this feature has made it easier for shoppers to compare and buy products in just a few clicks.

Trend 9: Geo-Fencing - Target According To The Location

This trend will grow to $2.4 Billion by 2023 which simply means - You need to know about it! Geo-fencing is targeting users based on their location that too in real-time. According to the latest stats, 54% of the users convert via segmented push notification.

Trend 10: User-Generated Content - Rich And Authentic

Platforms like Quora and Reddit are thriving on the basis of user-generated content pieces. These billion dollar unicorns have an amazing SEO rank, revenue which is over the top and a trusted user base all because of user-generated content. This is hence the most promising trend that will not only get rankings but also cashflow for your business.

The exhaustive list of trends comes to an end with this. We would love to hear your views on these trends and do comment if we have missed out on anything. Also, if you are looking to implement any of these trends to your business then do connect with Creative Thinks Media, the number 1 marketing agency in Delhi! Our astounding portfolio and proven track record is just a testimony to the work that we do for our clients. So what are you waiting for?

Let us get started!

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