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The Advertising Trends to Look out for in 2020

With 2020 on the horizon, marketers need to evolve their best practices with the advent of new and disruptive technological innovations. In past years we've seen several major marketing trends. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, we can now see a lot of new ways of advertising. People spend most of their time surfing the internet. In this era of the internet, Digital marketing has led the way to multichannel marketing. The digital marketing industry is receiving a revamp as 2020 approaches.

Staying updated with the latest trends in advertising is a recipe for success:

If a business effectively applies changes to the advertising strategy by identifying the trends then it will give an edge over the competition. Some trends fail to create much impact while some advertising trends can be a game-changer for your brand. After extensive research, we've come across some of the advertising trends that have a major impact on the success of your brand.

Audio and Video Advertising:

The marketing and advertising experts have predicted a rise in voice search. The voice search technology is being adopted rapidly and is changing the way of interaction of consumers with the world around them.

People have started searching for restaurants, movies, songs and many other kinds of stuff by voice-enabled devices. Audio marketing may soon take over traditional advertising techniques.

Another form of advertising is video advertising which is going to be a trend in the coming years. The video streaming platforms are more likely to keep the audience attracted. In the olden days, it was the television that kept the attention of everyone. But now people are switching to online streaming platforms and that is why these online streaming platforms can be the best option for the advertisers. contact us online for more information about our video marketing services for your business.

Social Media Marketing:

Social media platforms are constantly evolving as they grow and adapt to consumer behavior and incorporate new technologies. Advertisers need to go where the people are, which is why social media channels are often the best way to reach your target buyer. If you want to increase brand awareness and connect with consumers, you need to use social media.

Web analytics and data are allowing businesses to reduce the noise from their ad campaigns. The analytics are showing them ways they can optimize their ad campaigns. Businesses will have to restructure their marketing strategies and advertising teams and their budgets to be successful in this new era of advertising.

Influencer marketing:

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing. People with high influence on a topic endorse the products of brands to their audience. This form of advertising has seen significant growth in the past few years and will be one of the advertising trends of 2020. 

Even the Google trends data show a high increase in the influencer marketing field. Most of the people prefer to buy a product which is being endorsed by someone they already know rather than just by looking at an advertisement. While the importance of influencer marketing is unlikely to change, what will change is the way businesses use it.

Advertising and marketing through Chat bots:

Written content in the form of conversational scripts is the primary input to chatbots, which are expected to see an increased usage trend in 2020 and beyond. Any business with a website and visitor traffic can benefit from using a simple Chabot that answers the common visitor questions and helps convert visitors into warm leads. 

There are even free ways to build your own Face book Chabot and, for websites built using Word Press, there are several Chabot plug-ins available. New technologies, like chatbots, are transforming the way companies interact with customers and make new branding trends appear on the horizon.

Targeted Marketing with the use of Big Data:

Google and Facebook have already been the king of the advertising universe and they are seen to be continuing to remain so in the coming time. The amount of data available by these companies about every individual makes it a lot easier to target a specific type of person for the advertising. Google and Facebook have a huge amount of data which is gained from several different sources like browsing patterns, likes and interests and soon. 

With the use of Big data, the brands can target potential customers to display their ads instead of spending a huge amount of money in non targeted advertising. Non targeted advertising provides significantly fewer conversions and leads when compared to targeted marketing and this is a huge loss for a brand.


As the new technologies like ML and AI or augmented and virtual reality becomes common in every household. There come new possibilities for advertisers as well. These technologies can never be ignored as they will not only generate more space for advertisers but also provide a method to track the conversions and lead generation which will significantly change the marketing technique for the brands. If you are Looking for the best online advertising agency in India for your company or business? then feel free to contact with Creative Thinks Media

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