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What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

The COVID19 pandemic has been a challenge to the global economy. Further, without a doubt, companies have taken on the most significant risk of all. Although many brands have already declared themselves bankrupt in the face of resource eroding and dwindling properties, there are still others who will follow the same path, unless the financial activities begin the earliest.

What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

That being said, the road from here is getting more stringent.

The post-lockdown period will see brands fighting frenziedly for exposure, and inevitably the tactics, innovative solutions, and definitely, the capital infusion will rely on survival and growth.

Brands that are difficult to fund, though, may still make some crucial improvements to the game. Revaluation of the product plan seems like a reasonable way forward at the moment. The approaches enlisted here do not require a massive infusion of capital, but vast levels of intuition and coherence with the changing times.

COVID-19's effect can be more severe than in the 1929 depression period. According to the CMIE estimates, India's unemployment rate increased to about 30%, and this will rise without business recovery. The development of companies will contribute to the economic recovery in India. The blue-collared business can have trouble dealing with the job demand for manufacturing and consumers.

creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

With a lot of issues in the country and the recession that has made it difficult to survive, the customers are keeping themselves away from shopping. If you want to sell your products and complete your targets, you need to have a great strategy. A strong marketing strategy compelling the customer to buy will only help you meet the sales.


creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

Products remain identical, but changes in context. Messages should be open and clear throughout COVID-19. If you sell a sanitizer, vehicle, air conditioning, or a water purifier, you can guarantee your customers or any quality service that will assist them in this difficult time. For example, car manufacturers now have to talk about innovations which give a safer and healthier experience when it comes to messaging about speed and luxury, compared to the past. Brands must also ensure that they choose a balanced mix of promotion, advertising, and means of communication.

Do Not Hard Sell

Sales are significant, but they're not always essential. If people worry about their loved ones' health and even suffer financial hardship, it may not be realistic for the pitch to sell it well. During these times, marketers must show concern for the well-being of their customers and channel partners that send a message that goes beyond selling and profit. Companies have launched a social fund that offsets employees who have lost their jobs through the lockdown. Several brands have announced the production of fins, masks, and sanitizers with their manufacturing ability.

Realign The Marketing Campaigns

creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

Some brands would have trouble in the next few months or even years. Businesses must optimize their present marketing strategies to order to satisfy the growing consumer needs. It is crucial to note that brand recognition completely caters to consumers, and any branding strategy must be essential to it.

Initially, if they do not use the same, the brands must turn immediately to OmniChannel marketing. This approach helps them to communicate with their customers directly.

Limitations on large meetings are put on organizations that host events and advertisers who work on their campaigns. Develop alternative marketing ideas for spring and summer physical events now. Sporting events can move to stream; conference exhibits can go online, and so on. Do not wait until a plan has been canceled.

Keep The Customer Sentiments In Mind

Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands

Consumer trust in government and big brands had declined long before the coronavirus appeared. Citizens are now closer to families, colleagues, and local businesses. The situation can intensify the mistrust of brand consumers. Brands can push the wave against it by restoring trust via customer-centered measures. 

It is now more important than ever to learn what and why our customers are thinking and doing. To read references to COVID-19, or other changes, set customer voice (VoC) programs. Using social listening to track consumer conversations about your brand's health issues or knowledge needs. Please inquire from the frontline for sales and account management teams. Check for shifts in attitude or emotions in customer services, telephone calls, and service chats.

Vendors need to help clients and maintain consumer ties while being truthful about what the business can and cannot offer at the moment. Care should be taken to provide short-term stability (or profit) to the company to the detriment of customer confidence.

Deliver Quality Content To Connect With Audience

creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

In the coming months, more people will stay at home. Brands may provide people needing help with light-hearted, uplifting, or insightful content. It may also be a good time to restart or conduct escape tests, including VR material. Indian audience is very emotional and only connects with the products that connect with their heart. You need to be very cautious when planning out a strategy.

Keep Your Promises

Set realistic service standards, product launch dates, available products, and so on. Consider sweeping ad campaigns for products that you cannot be sure of producing and delivering. Assess existing policies and consider rational changes – allowing for cancellations or extending the payment conditions.

creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

Small businesses can have more problems than big corporations. The different technological offerings can give companies an advantage. To a certain extent, the facilitator can prove to be supporting small businesses, the banking sector, and the country's poor citizen support. In particular, white-collected industry staff working in the field of hotels and properties must update their marketing policies to restore their capitalization.

In the green and orange areas of India, the business units have been opened. There is no guarantee of continuity within the company that can be found in resources used by such units in fear of Corona. Also, any case of Corona can lead to the company's interruption. For example, in comparison to the factories, units were closed due to COVID-19 's presence. It means that the company is negatively affected, but its physical health is also under the microscope. A straightforward roadmap for the efficient functioning of companies worldwide is the solution to these challenges.

Changed Mindset

creative thinks media - What Marketing Strategy Should Be Followed By Brands During The Partial Lockdown?

People need help and care in difficult times. Brands that engage in solidarity with their customers will keep them for a long time. You must emerge from the misery of your lives. Brands will also focus on the phrase "difference to resolve anxiety."

Several of the brands engaged their customers in their apps, websites, and social media accounts by providing videos, games, and competitions that allowed them to space customers' minds. It is an excellent strategy to keep customers involved.

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