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11 Simple Tips To Create An Effective Ad

Did you know? The human attention span decreases every year by 88 percent. From the past 18 years, the attention span of an average person has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds. So, to get your message out there in the digital pool of advertisements, you got to offer golden words with rock-solid promises. There is no particular steadfast rule about carrying out an advertising campaign. But hitting it out with the audience is something that needs adequate research work.

Tips To Create An Effective Ad | how to make an advertisement on newspaper - CTM

Let us chart out some simple steps to create an effective advertisement.

  1. Work on Your Brand Personality
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The main entity of an advertisement is the brand’s name, logo, design, and slogan. It has to be something that catches the eye of a person, who is rushing to get the next bus. We all are aware of some simple slogans of big brands that are short, meaningful, and catchy. Your logo and slogan must be so powerful that it must come to a common man’s mind when he is looking for a product you are selling.

  • Focus on Your Target Audience
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Once you are ready with the brand to showcase it to the outside world, one important step is to know who is watching the ad. Unlike print advertisements, where we do not have control over choosing our audience; digital advertising is quite flexible. Focusing on the target audience gives you better and proper exposure for the brand.

  • Research

Competitor analysis is also necessary to come up with unique and effective marketing strategies. You must always keep in check what your competitors are doing. Be it supporting a social cause, donating to a needy organization, CSR activities, or just plain marketing tactics. You can definitely take a cue from others if you are running out of ideas. Do adequate market research to know if your product will prove useful to the customers right now.

  • Select The Right Platform to Sell
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If you are planning to advertise your product online, it is easier for you to choose the platforms. Social Media Networking sites are the place where you will most likely meet your target audience. With every person having at least 5-6 social media accounts where they browse all day long; it is wise to be there to their grab attention. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, and many such social media channels can be used for influential advertising of your product.

  • Plan The Budget
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The good thing about digital advertising is that you can measure your efforts and success rate together on a single page. Invest in reaching out to more audience as per your requirements. A carefully calculated advertising budget can still go wrong if the expected ROI is not met. But that is something all advertising firms go through in their lifetime. Put your money on making your brand seem the next big thing in town. Though going overboard is not expected.

  • A Catchy Slogan
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The brand slogan plays an important role in building trust among the audience. Some popular slogans like, Because You’re Worth It (L’oreal Paris); Good Food. Good Life (Nestle); Red Bull gives you wings (Red Bull), reflects a positive and warm persona of the brand. It brings a smile to the reader’s face. Hence, a catchy and positive slogan is the heart of an advertisement campaign. Everything else will work in unison with the slogan.

  • Eye Pleasing Visuals

A good artwork never goes unnoticed. So bring together creative minds to work on the design and graphics for the advertisement. Though this requires a lot of patience and trials, the final outcome must be attractive for an outsider. Graphical representations have the power to deliver messages in an interesting manner.

  • Call to Action
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Every advertisement has product details, benefits, and contact details. Additionally, a call to action is something that will urge the reader to click on “Know More”, “Book Now”, “Request a Quote”. These are some of the options you can choose from to give the reader an offer to learn more about your products.

  • Pour irresistible offers

Who does not like free stuff and huge discounts? Well, nobody on this planet. Every company knows the fact that customers love free goodies and personalized merchandise. These things can be planned well in advance for getting the expected response. Display discount details and new offer information in bold and eye-catchy fonts. A lucrative advertisement often gets word-of-mouth publicity too. So, price cut-offs are a win-win strategy.

  1. Share testimonials
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Popular e-commerce websites have a review section for all of their products to build a sense of trust and authenticity about online purchases. Many corporate companies share testimonials from their existing clients on their website. How this will help an advertisement? You can actually share how your product has benefited a particular person or a group of people.

  1. Share The Contact Info Everywhere!

Yes, everywhere. It might sound like a desperate move for some people. But it can work your way too. You should share your contact information in all the advertisements, banners, posters, or any marketing content written for the public. When they see it 100 times they might remember it the next time someone asks for it. This is a good sign for your brand

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These are just some simple steps you can follow while creating an advertisement campaign. It is all about building trust with the audience. The more you will be there for the audience, the more they will keep your back. If you are unsure whether to follow the latest trends in advertising or go for the traditional methods, we can help you simplify it. We can help you publish your advertisements and editorial content for a broader audience.

Get in touch with our digital advertising experts at Creative Thinks Media to revive your advertising strategies. Explore our wide range of services to amplify your success. We will be pleased to help your business reach a new horizon.

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