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Creative Design Process For Creating Effective Graphics

We all know that the need for a brand presence in the digital age has increased more than ever. Brands are required to connect to their customers constantly and be it through websites, blogs, or social media every brand needs to be top of the game when it comes to content. Graphics are the visual part of the graphic which the world sees and it always has to be eye-catching and interesting for the viewers.

If you want to make creative designs that actually engage with the audience and retain the attention you might want to move a little above then using readymade templates and using already made graphics. Although this method might be an economical source, a  good designer will always present you with authentic work which resonates with the values of the brand. Below are a few steps of creating authentic and creative graphics:


The Graphic Design Process - how to create design - Creative thinks media

Whenever you are asked to create a graphic, don’t just ask for few pointers but ask the team  to be as descriptive as they can because when you discuss things more you will understand that a lot of things like what does client is expecting, what is the core of the brand and when you know these things you can actually know the essence of the brief and look for keywords and also try to get a larger perspective of the industry. All of this will help you create a great concept for the design.


The Graphic Design Process - how to create design - Creative thinks media

Now this is the time to sit and work with your team to develop a structure for the design and as a designer you should talk to copywriters, marketing heads and business heads to gain information. This might include discussing important things like colors, vibe, content in the graphic, images in the graphic, etc.  All of these things are decided keeping in mind brand values and their previous work and what they are targeting for and also frame a time structure and deadlines.

STEP 3: Brainstorming and creating drafts :

The Graphic Design Process - how to create design - Creative thinks media

The next step in the design process is to take all the information and brainstorm ideas for the design, you experiment with fonts, imagery, colors and tones in this segment and ideate on how the design should look overall. The next a designer should do is to create multiple drafts of designs and see what is best suiting the concept you created earlier. A good designer would always create multiple drafts as this gives the client more choice


The Graphic Design Process - how to create design - Creative thinks media

Even though the work is not over yet, you would want to go back to the client before completing the design as it’s for the client you are working and the more you involve him or her in the process the more you will be able to create better. This will increase the client’s trust and also help you improve because it’s the client who can add anything missing about the brand. Ask for suggestions and approvals and finally you will have to eliminate the clutter from your drafts and have only the relevant stuff.


The Graphic Design Process - how to create design - Creative thinks media

Once you have the inputs from the client now your job is to decide and pick the best elements from all that you have. The best way to do this is to measure each design on the basis of various variables such as concept, creativity, relevancy, simplicity, technical features, appeal, aesthetics, brand aspects, and so on. This will help you to pick the best elements and now you can work on the final draft of your design.


The last and final step is to take a final approval from the client and submit your design to the client, you must present the draft and also present why you have chosen specific colors and elements. A good designer always justifies his design in the best possible manner and then you let the client take the final call.

We at Creative Thinks Media have a dedicated team that works in creating the most effective and creative graphics for our clients.  Our goal is always to make the brand essence visible in each work we do and create more impactful and memorable graphics. We come with the expertise of more than 12 years in Advertising and we assure our clients the best quality and best results.

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