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12 Ways To Promote Your Business Online

Gone are the days when a full-fledged marketing team was required to market a product. In today’s world, there are n-number of promotional activities that can be initiated by a Founder or can be outsourced an advertising agency, and you are good to go!

This article by Creative Thinks Media, an online marketing company in Delhi,is your secret weapon to twelve affordable and easy marketing hacks for promoting your business in 2020. 

So without any delay, let us get started!

Hack Number 1: Add Your Business On Local Listing Services

It is essential for you to add your business to local search listing services like Google so that the people around you can find you. All you have to do is to register on ‘Google my Business’ with the name of your business, type of service, and local address. 

Hack Number 2: Make A Website

We at Creative Thinks Media knew how important it is for us to have an online presence. Hence, we started with a website. If your business is online, then you require a website. The reason being, your website is an introduction to your services and products that are needed by all your buyers or target audience. It not only shows how serious you are about your work but also helps you in building a good impression on the prospect. 

Hack Number 3: Start Answering Question On Quora Or Reddit

It is entirely okay if you do not want to invest in SEO at the very start. However, you can always start spending your time answering questions on Quora. This will not only help you in driving traffic to your website but also sell more. 

So if you are an advertising agency and you answer questions like - “Which is the best advertising agency in Delhi?” It becomes easy to find leads for your business. 

Hack Number 4: Activate Your Social Media Handle

It is 2020, and you need to up your social media game. Yes, you read that right. Though the organic reach has been dying for some of the platforms, it is essential for you to build an Omni-channel presence so that you are at least ‘discoverable.’

Hack Number 5: Start Blogging In The Right Way

The traditional style of blogging does not work anymore, period. You have to be creative about the way blogging is done. You can start by posting on platforms like Medium so that your content can be found without much SEO being done. Eventually, you can start building your email list so that your content reaches your target audience without fail. 

Hack Number 6: Start Building Video Content

There are thousands of articles vouching for video content, and there is no denial of the fact that video content is indeed growing. 

In the world where smartphones have amazing cameras, you can always start by recording content on your phone and then pushing it on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. This way, you can reach your target audience in a more convincing manner. 

Hack Number 7: Go For Micro-Influencer Activities

With micro-influencers in the game, you do not have to shell a lot of money for reaching the local audience. All you have to do is to launch barter deals and sign a couple of influencers with more than 10,000 followers. This will help you reach your target audience by means of social media with influencers that they trust and follow. 

We being an advertising agency have seen this strategy working for various home-grown brands

Hack Number 8: Curate A Press Release

If you are solving a problem for the market with your product, then better build PR news around the same. There are several free PR wires where you can drop your content, and if your story is genuinely incredible, then your work might be picked by some renowned publications. 

Hack Number 9: Offer A Free Trial Of Your Service Or Collect Reviews For Your Product

Trust is essential for sales to grow. Hence, giving free trials or unboxing reviews of your products can help your prospects to trust you and make a purchase. You can start by increasing reviews on Google, and your Facebook handles.  

Hack Number 10: Start A Campus Ambassador Program

If you have a product that is for the youth, then you can make college students your campus ambassadors. This way, you can promote your company and products amongst your target audience by means of students who are well-known in their respective colleges. 

You can use platforms like Frapp, AngelList, or Facebook to find these ambassadors. 

Hack Number 11: Launch A Referral Program

There is no better form of lead generation than referrals. You can simply ask your existing customers to help you with new customers in exchange for some discounts and offers. This way, you reach the network of your customers without investing much. 

Hack Number 12: Run Contests

This trick is working pretty well for many of the companies with a page on Instagram. All you have to do is to add an insta story with some contest details, and you are good to go.

This way, you can gain new followers, more engagement, and some paying customers for your product/service. 

These are all the hacks from our end. If you wish to seek professional or advance help with any of the hacks above, you can connect with Creative Thinks Media, the best online marketing company in Delhi.

Why choose Creative Thinks Media?

•  We at Creative Thinks Media believes in delivering value. We help you build an online presence and also build your sales + marketing funnels.

•  We make sure that your ROI for the campaign is higher than the investment that you have made. 

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We hope you liked the article. Comment below if we have missed any of your favorite hacks!

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