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12 Tips For Social Media Marketers To Boost Sales This Christmas

The season of gifts, Santas and snow are back. Every year during Christmas, people spend lavishly on Christmas trees and gifts for their loved ones. In 2018 itself, the growth in “money spent during holidays“went up by $998.32 billion. This is the power of the festival season for businesses that want to earn higher revenues and profits.

In this blog, we have a list of 12 tricks and tips for social media marketers to become Santas for businesses by boosting their sales this festive season!

So what are you waiting for? Let’s begin to learn!

Tip No. 1: Do The Right Branding

    •  Add The Christmas Feels To Your Branding: Christmas is all about bells, trees, and everything red & white. So this Christmas season, curate your social media posts, graphics, videos, and stories in a way that they reflect a sense of festivity.

    •  This will help your customers and prospects to know that you have something in store for this Christmas season. You can also take the help of an advertising agency like ours for better results.

Tip No. 2: Reward Your Social Media Fans

    •  As a brand, you might have your customers and prospects following you on social media. Leverage this opportunity by rewarding them with special gifts, lucky draws, and goodies. This will help you in increasing your engagement rate and also spread a word about your brand.

    •  For holding such contests, make sure you make people share your post or post stories from their profiles so that you can reach their social network easily.

Tip No. 3: Publish Content Which Is Helpful

    •  Do not go about posting the unboxing or review videos of your products. Instead, post content that is helpful for your target audience.

    •  You can post a blog on “20 unique gifts wrapping ideas for Christmas”, “5 easy cookie recipes 2019,” etc. This will not only engage your audience but also deliver value to them.

 Tip No. 4: Start An Email Marketing Campaign

    •  Christmas is an excellent time to grow your email list. All you have to do is to provide people with something they value and send to their mail IDs. 

    •  This way, they would not only subscribe to your email marketing list but also open your mails to avail of the special offers. This hence becomes a great inbound marketing method for your business.

Tip No. 5: Make Your Product Pages Sharable

    •  Make sure you optimize your sales cycle in a way that people can share your products with their friends and family for their opinion. 

    •  For this, you can easily go for WhatsApp and Facebook integrations to help your target audience to share your products. 

    •  This will not only make it easy for your customers to make a decision but also help you in increasing your sales by making your products reach a wider audience. 

Tip No. 6: Create A Sense Of Urgency In Your Ads

•  While creating ads for Christmas make sure you give lots of discounts that are valid for a limited period of time. This will make your target audience to take quick decisions.

•  This will increase your sales by many folds if done rightly. You can engage a digital advertising agency to help you out!

Tip No. 7: Use Location-Based Targeting

• Target areas around your business location. This will help you in providing services like gift packing, free delivery, and 12-hour delivery quite easily.

• These services will help you in selling more as customers want to make their lives hassle-free and what better than buying goodies and gifts from a company that delivers everything at their doorstep. 

Tip No. 8: Localize Your Content

·   While making ad copies and creative’s, make sure you use language and images that are relatable for your target audience. 

·   This will help you in getting more local orders that are easier to deliver due to short distances. 

Tip No. 9: Promote Combo Offers

    •  More is always better. So make combo deals out of your products and run ads for the same. This will help you in getting customers who would instead prefer a combo than a regular gift card or chocolates. Hire graphic designers to help you make graphics that are appealing and self-explanatory.

    •  You can also segregate these gifts under categories like “Gifts for parents,” “gifts for kids,” “gifts for him,” “gifts for her” etc. to add a sense of emotion and association with the products you are trying to promote. 

Tip No. 10: Create A Gifting Guide

    •  Do not leave your target audience confused. Make some gifting guides from simple design software like Canva and roll them out on your social media handles. 

    •  This will help your target audience to make quick buying decisions by following your guide. Also, you can link the products from your store in this guide so that buyers can simply click on the link and land on the ‘Purchase’ page. 

Tip No 11: Target Christmas Centric Keywords

    •  If you are trying to sell during Christmas, then what is better than targeting keywords like “Christmas Gift Ideas 2019”, “Gifting Ideas For Christmas,” this will help you generate more leads. Make sure you optimize your ad, so it ranks well on these keywords. If you are unable to do it, engage an SEO expert for the same.

    •  Also, make sure that the images used in your ads are quite attractive so that the prospect ends up buying your products.

Tip No. 12: Don’t Forget The After Christmas Deals

    •  Many a time, people might not be able to send gifts to all of their loved ones. After Christmas sale is a way to capture those leads and make them buy gifts for their loved ones post Christmas.

    •  Make sure that while posting such ads, you give out a strong message like “It is never too late to send a gift to someone special” to help the prospect to make a quicker decision. 

With this, we come to an end of our list. Make sure that you make it a point to sell, brand, and promote everything which speaks Christmas. Work on your branding and use colors and words mindfully. 

We hope you will implement the above tips to increase your sales via social media marketing. Do let us know about any other strategies that you are planning to implement.

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