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Radio Advertising: A Medium For Effective Advertising

We all have grown up listening to songs on Radio. A generation has passed listening to the old melodies, crucial news of the day and other broadcasts on the radio itself.

It has been the widely used popular medium that people can connect to. Because of this popularity, radio has been chosen as one of the best platforms to market services of several businesses.

Radio Ads deliver a grip upon the listeners which in turn helps businesses to aware their consumers about their brand. The reach is such that during the era of 1940-47, Radio was used as a sole medium of mass awareness generation by the Indian freedom fighters who worked for India's Independence.

FM Radio Advertising in India started with the launch of Radio City Bangalore on July 3, 2001, as the first private FM Radio Station in India.

Some of the popular FM stations in India are namely Radio Mirchi, Red FM, Radio One, and FM AIR Rainbox. Approximately there are more than 80 FM stations across cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai.

Radio Ads Costing And Expenditure

FM Radio Ads are based on how much a 10-sec ad will be played. The FM advertising costing varies within the time range of Rs 50 per 10 sec to as high as Rs 2,500 per 10 sec.

It has also to do with the number of listeners and time band at which different ads are being played. Radio stations like Radio Mirchi Delhi, Red FM Mumbai, Radio City Hyderabad, Radio One Pune, are some of the recognized FM stations in India for both advertisers and listeners. Radio Advertising rates can be discounted in terms of volume shared in the advertising campaign.

Benefits of Radio Advertising

  • Radio Ads can help businesses to go with selective targeting based on specific demographics and market segments. By choosing which station to broadcast, you can target your potential customers and increase mass awareness of the brand.
  • Compared to written advertisements, radio ads are effective, more transparent, and strongly stored in memory.
  • Radio Ads are highly cost-effective compared to other types of media. Television and Print Ads are a bit expensive which includes studio time, video pieces of equipment, actors, models, etc.
  • Radio Ads are highly measurable compared to television where it takes more than months to monitor the analytics. Results from radio ads are analyzed daily and a new radio spot can replace any errors within a short period.
  • Radio Ads are time efficient. In the case of television ads it may take a long time to generate leads and this, in turn, can extend to a year. On the other hand, it takes less than two weeks to produce a radio spot and this can also adapt to changing market conditions.

Some of the famous lists of FM Radio Advertising options are Jingle advertising, RJ Mentions, Sponsorship Tag, Radio Contest, Time Check, Studio Shift, Roadblock etc.

Despite all the changes in the digital medium radio ads are highly effective in nature. It all depends upon how you make use of this medium for sake of advertisements and grow exponentially.

Creative Thinks Media has been associated with FM Radio space since the privatization of the radio in India. Since then it has left its footprints in the genre of radio advertising.

Catering the needs of several businesses and consumers, our team of experts work dedicatedly for radio advertisements which are results-driven.

We excel at delivering clients the best-targeted audiences in terms of quality and quantity. With more than 11 years of exposure to the radio ads, we have mastered expertise over the best ROI for our clients. Choose us to make a difference in the world of radio advertising.

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