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Ways To Create The Most Effective Radio Ad

We live in this digital era. Everything has gone digital and so does advertising. But does it mean radio advertising is facing a downfall? If yes, then it means the radio ads are now less effective than before. According to reports, 75% of households in developing countries have access to radio and love listening to it. Also, there are around 44, 000 radio stations across the globe. This means the radio is still preferred in this digital era which makes radio advertising a good option to promote the brand.

Revitalized radio campaign:

Radio advertising has been present for years. At present, the concept of radio advertising is a bit different. The radio advertising campaign is now focused to be compelling. It’s also worth noting that the concept of ‘radio advertising’ is transforming. These days, voice-over is intended to attract more audiences.

It is believed that advertisers can benefit from radio if they advertise by telling a story. This means a story that can tell the value and importance of the brand can be truly beneficial instead of making long advertisement stories, 30-45 seconds ad story is enough to create an impact on people’s mind. With this, the advertiser can reach out to the listener in an efficacious way and create a brand value to turn a call to action.

How to have fruitful radio advertising?

The market is full of some really big brands and giant commercials. These didn’t taste this in just a single day. They strived to make a good conversion. The ads that led to conversion for these great brands and commercials are actually quite straightforward, simple. So below are the steps using which you can create similar ads:

  1. Keep your audience in your mind: Before creating an ad, remember it is meant for audiences and, therefore; you need to understand your audience and their taste. Moreover, it is not that they will be sitting idle just to listen to your ad. They might be in a hurry. Audiences can be in a rush. Due to this, they can’t jot down whatever you say. Therefore, make sure to deliver the message in a way that is easier to remember.
  2. Stay Honest: It is a bad idea to commit what you can’t fulfill. If you boast about your product and services but can’t deliver the same to your audience then your audience will feel cheated and this will decrease the value of your brand. It is a total waste to yell at the top of your voice and commit unrealistic promises.
  3. Talk about the solution: There are a number of products and services available in the market similar to yours. In that case, you need to talk about why customers should avail of your products and services. The best that you can do is how your brand can solve their problems and provide ease in their lives.
  4. Highlight the specifics: If there are similar products and services, then there will be generalities as well. This will make your brand sound similar to others. In order to stand out in the audience, you need to focus on the specifics of your brand. Suppose, you are selling shoes. So every shoe has a sole and is comfortable. But you need to speak what makes your shoes different. Maybe your shoes can help in walking without affecting feet and is waterproof. You need to tell these specifications to your audience.
  5. Play the offer game: Bring amazing offers related to your product and services. Once you have brought the offers, let people know about those offers. This will surely bring a huge benefit to you. 
  6. Add a little fun: People love fun. Every person on this earth has a kid within. This can be applied in your advertising campaign to extract benefits. You can use a funny yet informative voice to speak about your products and services. But make sure the fun should be related to your product and should not confuse the audience. In addition to this, ensure to modify the message to bring a new twist
  7. Choosing a voice actor: A voice actor can do magic. While choosing the voice actor, you must keep in mind, the voice actor can justify the tone of the advertisement. It is highly important to pick the right voice for your brand else it won’t work. The voice of an actor voices your brand and, therefore you need to choose a suitable one. The selection should include:
    1. Gender: One must consider gender while advertising. Suppose, if you are advertising a shaving gel. Then you must choose a man’s voice for the same. Similarly, if it is a cosmetic then choosing a female voice will be great rather than a man’s voice. In some cases, one can choose the opposite gender to attract the other gender.
    2. Age: Age is one of the most important factors while choosing a voice actor. Suppose your product is for young generations then a similar voice should be considered. Similarly while promoting pain relief oil for diseases like arthritis, you can choose a voice actor aged 40+. 
    3. Accent: Accent is really important to understand. Having a voice actor of a British accent to promote fertilizers for farmers in the village won’t bring the desired results to you. As the farmers won’t be able to understand your product.
  8. Do not lay any trap: There are so many advertisements in which the advertiser asks to call. But it can be possible that your audience is not free at the moment and thinks to call later and eventually forgets to call. This can disappoint you as an advertiser. So to avoid this, you can play a trick. Speak about those things which you want your audience to remember the most. You can use punch lines and speak about the current offer. This will attract the audience and they will remember your products and services.

People might intimidate you by saying radio advertising is no longer a good thing to invest in. But the truth is slightly different. You can have a good profit even through radio advertising. Moreover, you can use digital platforms as well for radio advertising.

So go for the radio and reach out to your potential customers only with Creative Thinks Media.

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