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Why Your Company Needs an Attractive & Beautiful Website

Are You Still Planning To Build A Website? Read This! Suppose you had an offline business. What would your investment look like? 

1. Land

2. Furniture

3. Inventory

4. Decorations

5. Staff

No matter whether you have an online business or offline business, the very first investment that you make is in your website. Your website is the face of your business. Without a website, a business becomes an unknown shop in the era of consumerism.

Supporting the above statement with stats, did you know?

• There are 4.4 billion internet users worldwide.

• Two out of three people prefer to read beautifully designed content.

This means a website is a gateway to your target audience’s heart!

It seems like you are not yet convinced. Do not worry! Our web design experts at Creative Thinks Media have prepared a list of reasons that will compel you to build a website as soon as possible.

So here you go!

5 Reasons For A Having Beautiful Website

1. Building Customer Trust: A website helps your prospects to trust your business. In the world where there are a plethora of companies operating in each domain and industry, a website becomes a reason for a customer to choose you over others. 

2. Brand Recall: A website is an asset for your business, and even ever a customer will see your it, it will help them in recalling their products or services. Hence, a website is your stamp in the world of branding and marketing!

3. Long-Term Asset: Your social media accounts might be thriving at the moment. However, your prosperity is contingent on their algorithms that might hit your reach soon. In such a scenario, the only thing that is under your direct control is your website. 

4. Sets You Ahead Of Your Competition: A website is your online face. It is well-designed and fantastic then it just sets you apart from your competition. Also, having a website is a subtle way of telling your competitors that you are in the business!

Now, when you know why you should have a website, here are some reasons for- why your website should be beautiful and attractive. We will again take the example of having an offline business. If you had an offline business, you would have invested in the furniture and decoration of your shop.

Right? So when it comes to doing online/offline business, your website’s design is the decor that you invest in!

However, when we say - Beautifully designed website, we simply mean a website with navigable and straightforward UI.

Did you know?

• There are approximately 1.94 billion active websites in the world.

• There are 4.4 billion internet users worldwide.

• Only 64% of small businesses have a website in 2019.

This means having a website can get more customers in your business. But you need more reasons to improve the design of your website?

Then here you go!

How An Attractive Website Contribute To Our Business:

1. First Impression: The design of your website forms the first impression of your business. And as they say, the first impression is the last impression, so make sure you have a good one!

2. More Revenue: A well-designed website helps your customers to navigate through your website and find the information that they are looking for. However, a confusing design can make them leave your website and never come back.

3. More Engagement: Prospects would spend more time on your website only if they find it attractive. 

4. Competitive Advantage: A beautiful website will attract more eyeballs and hence give a competitive advantage over other businesses.

Hence, having a website and a well-designed one is highly essential for every business. 

So if you areplanning to build a website or revamp the existing one, then you can connect with the web development and design experts at Creative Thinks Media, the number one web designing company in Delhi and NCR. 

We vouch for our creative and development services and promise to deliver something amazing that you will fall in love with the new face of your business i.e., your website! For more details Call us: +91 7290002168

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