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Voice over is an art conferred to and mastered by a few. It would not have been possible to listen to those squeaky ads or get all cheery and listen with an attentive ear the invigorating voice that captivated your thoughts for the time it played on.

One of the essential cogs in the wheel of advertising. SO much to say that there have been numerous ads which witnessed a sky-rocketing applaud and recognition owing major credit to the VO artists. It is impossible to imagine the might reality show like BIG BOSS without that firm, heavily weighted and in-command voice of BIG BOSS. A number of examples float by when one mentions the role of VO artists in the media.

Those who are enamored of the ad agency and sections utilizing the services of VO pick these five as India's leading Voice Over artists. Below is the list of VO artists who have canvassed magic with their effluent voices.

1. Do you remember DAG ACHCHHE HAIN? Do these lines ring in your mind every time someone mentions the line? all credit goes to the VO artist RICHA NIGAM. Richa never contended from her voice. It was something that always mad here feel lost and odd one out. What she didn't know was that in the days ahead her voice would make brands like TataSky, Brookebond, ING Vysya and Coca-cola. The queen with a husky voice is her identity.

What made her pity on herself became the best thing that could ever happen to her. Her voice stood out, seemed odd, had a peculiar touch to it and that made it penetrate the deep levels and stay with the listeners forever. The texture, her comprehensive understanding of the dialect made her voice even more worthy in the advt field.

2. Are you familiar with the word versatility? Nothing could be as precise as a synonym to it than SONIYA NAIR. It is as if voices run over her head all the time. She has been a name for herself in the industry and debuted with the voice that made our childhood lovely. Who could forget the appealing voice of Rasna? a voice that made us loiter on the ground and do all tricks to pursue our parents into buying it.

Soniya Nair is renowned for her mimicry talent and is regarded in high esteem when it comes to Versatility in the Indian dialect.

There are many with the talent but only a few who hold such command over the English language and kill it with their VOs.

3. Piyush Mishra. The Husna Fame and modern-day elixir of content-rich poetry and soul-soothing words are widely known for his exquisite voice-over works. The man behind the charismatic fanfare of PARLE-G biscuits. Piyush Mishra averred these lines “Roko Mat, Toko Mat” into the eternity.  He has also rendered his voice for GOOGLE and sang other very popular jingles and has been accolades for his benevolent voice.

His singing helps him garnish the voice-overs in ways not thought of giving it an extra nudge for people to remember it for a lifetime.

Piyush Mishra is one of the few who have played it to the power of voice and words.

4. How many of you remember "UMAR GHUMAR" featuring Sachin Tendulkar... Well, WellWell all credits and all applaud to one of the finest VOs RAGHUVIR YADAV. A true art genius Raghuvir specializes in many aspects of Voice-over delivery and is highly appreciated for his jobs. He constantly raises the bar of standards by his commendable jobs. His portfolio offers a comprehensive eye to his diverse VOs. He can mingle his voices to the tune of the thought and message that needs to be portrayed and hence his voice retains the memory space of billion minds.

5. Life takes unintended turns. It holds something special at every nook and corner. Something along these same lines happened to PIYUSH PANDEY. Spending away his life as a tea-taster he never knew he would someday make it to the list of India's top-notch voice-over artists. He enjoys unmatched status as a VO in the advertising industry. From Asian Paint's "HAR GHAR KUCHH KAHTA HAI" to "LAGAO LAGAO AUR ZOR LAGAO" by Fevicol. This Pandey has made and been there in the eardrums of billions of Indians and is committed to being that way for a long time.

His voice is said to have an influence one can't break away from. At a time when everybody is busy decorating and glittering the outer surface, these artists have let their voices do the heavy-lifting and to much surprise, they have been very very successful at it. The mesmerizing voices of these artists is sure to follow a lot of us to our graves with only love and appreciation for the voices.

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