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Covid-19: How Lockdown Has Impacted The Creative “Concepting”

COVID-19, the unprecedented pandemic creating havoc initially at Wuhan province(China) has now engulfed South Asian and European countries.

The severity is such that governments across the countries have taken drastic measures. Self-isolation or Lockdown is among one such measure.

A situation like this has driven working professionals to adapt to work from home. For people who are in charge of creating creative ads, work from home is happiness in disguise.

Well, creativity comes best when in isolation. However, this lockdown which has so many constant slew of stories happening around, the creative process has to be revisited.

During this revisited focus on ' creative thinking', Has there been a transition in the perspective and approach towards ideas? Is there now a need to introspect and have some new skills?

Various leaders who are the founder of some great creatives have mentioned their views on this shift in ideation. Agnello Dias, the co-founder of Taproot Dentsu has stated that this constant pressure of creating something new has always compromised on quality.

The mind is bound to get distracted owing to a lot of things happening around. He further added even though it is unlikely that everyone gets distracted together, so the time spent needs to be more productive. Also when it comes to crafting and having the final outcome, isolation can help.

Also, when it comes to brushing up new skills, Dias stated the good part about isolation is that it can open up your mind to a larger perspective about brands to work on.

Rajdeepak Das, Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett, South Asia feels that as the pandemic has a long-lasting impact on both people and the economy, he stated that it is also the time for creative agencies to help brands to navigate through this crucial time. The collaboration needs to occur using data and technology together for creative solutions.

Isolation and Creative Concepting

Agnello Dias stated that isolation at times of such pandemic is not necessarily going to form commercial creativity. Often most part of the process is about scanning rather than honing skills. The more minds they are around with, the better it is to form perspective.

The director of DOB Mudra Group is of the opinion that there is a need to break conventional ideas for creative ideas to take place. The present time is good to explore new things, new skills.

Power of Remote, Creative Collaboration

The COO of Ogilvy, SukeshNayak, stated that collaborative teamwork is best to rescue companies during this crisis. The famous tagline like ' HarGhar ' of Asian Paints needs to be re-used for creative ideas to get into shape.

The idea behind this is to let people know how they can spend time at home during self-isolation happily. Everyone is working from home, and the best idea is to create something productive with strong collaboration. He summarises the whole point of how the creative needs to be original and innovative given data and technology to surprise everyone.

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