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Where To Record National Geographic & Discovery Networks Background Voice Over?

What is Voice Over?

 The voice-over is read from a script and can be spoken by another person appearing in the production or by a talented voice expert. Voice-over is a narrative that is not accompanied by a speaker image in a film or broadcast. It is also called off-camera commentary or off-stage commentary. The voice-over technique is similarly used to give animated characters voices and personalities.

In the film, the filmmaker places on the screen the sound of a human voice (or voices) over images that may or may not be related to the words being spoken. Live sports broadcasts are usually presented over footage of the sporting event as detailed voice-overs by sports commentators.

Television networks such as The History Channel, National Geographic and the Discovery Channel make extensive use of voice-overs. Voice Over is done keeping the mood, tone, male/female voice and visual expressions in specific footages as well as the film's overall motif. Word choices for voice-over would diverge from domain to domain.

Voice Over industry in India

Voice Over industry in India - Creative thinks media studio

Voice Over services are mainly available in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad in India. Due to the need for the television business to leverage a variety of content from within various markets in the country, the dubbing and voice-over industry in India was founded. Indian viewers experienced dubbed content for the first time thanks to Discovery World. In the early '90s, dubbing and voice-over were predominantly restricted to kids’ animation content by Disney. The first theatrical dub hit was Jurassic Park, which opened the flow for South Indian cult films such as Roja. Thus the Indian programming was injected with a degree of variety and freshness. Today, dubbing and voice-over is a flourishing business in India with Hollywood films, animation films and regional content at the heart of it. There has continued to be an increase in the spread and infusion of foreign content that reaches India and demand to see it in their native language.

Many new voice-over companies like Language Studios, Main Frame India and Business of Language are now doing quality voice-over and dubbing business. Five years ago UTV shut down while Crest Animation pulled the plug on its operations nearly 10 years ago. Only Prime Focus still exists in terms of the corporate players.

The two major Television channels for which voice-overs are done at a nearly daily basis in India are -

National Geographic - Commercially known and also trademarked as Nat Geo, owned by the National and the Fox Cable Networks division of Fox. The legendary channel broadcasts shows and documentaries that contain facts including nature, science, culture and history, along with some programming on reality.

Voice Over industry in India - Creative thinks media studio

The channel has been awarded numerous awards such as the ASTRA awards for the most outstanding use of innovation in programming and Emmy nominations among different laurels.

Discovery - The world is fantastic. The Discovery channel slogan says this. Discovery produces films focused primarily on popular science, technology and history. The Discovery Channel is programmed primarily on reality television series, for example, speculative research. With shows such as Mythbusters, History and Best Evidence, shows on vehicles and professions (such as Dirty Jobs and Toughest Catch), and programs primarily targeted at families and younger viewers.

One of the most famous shows of the Discovery channel is Bear Grylls’ Man vs Wild, as it is one of the most-watched shows in India and all around the world. Some other shows of Discovery Channel include 'Naked and Afraid;' Frozen Planet;' Weed Country; and 'Stormchasers.'

Voice over studios for Discovery & Nat Geo

The major Voice over studios in India for Discovery and National Geographic channel are -

Voice Over industry in India - Creative thinks media studio
  • DhwaniYugm Studios- Providing Voiceover and Dubbing Services in many English and Hindi channels, radio channels, E-learning Modules, advertisements and audiobooks, DhwaniYugm Studios have collaborated with various Bollywood and Hollywood projects and many channels including Discovery and National Geographic. Whether it's in India or anywhere in the world, DhwaniYugm will give you the most professional services you’d expect. DhwaniYugm makes sure your visuals find that extra edge which brings the right emotions to a different level. DhwaniYugm targets all sorts of technical projects you need. Whether it's telephony, radio, railways, e-learning solutions, animations, television, documentaries, films, DhwaniYugm has known all genres for its Excellence.
  • Language Studio- It is among Mumbai’s best language translation companies. As a top language translation company, we specialize in professional language translation services in Mumbai. Their translation services include activities like localization, Editing, Proofreading, Website Translation, Subtitling, Transcribing, etc. We also provide services for copywriting, photo editing, article writing, logo designing, ad-copy writing, as well as translation. They are qualified and committed, able to produce a translation of documents according to the specifications of a client's deadline.
  • Subash Studios- Today, Subhash Studios is a voice-over and dubbing platform for Indian and Global TV channels and localization agencies, including music shows, songs and ditties, for their dubbing requirements in Indian languages. Their studios have been approved by channels like Discovery, Disney and subsidiaries of BBC.  They strive for an output they are proud to present. They offer a quality solution to your voice-over, dubbing, and other audio requirements.
  • Main Frame Software Communications- It is also called Main Frame India, and is a voice-over and dubbing studio situated at Temple Road in Sitadevi, Mumbai. Main Frame has done considerable works for Discovery, Walt Disney, Nickelodeon, Warner Bros., and 20th Century Fox. All the people associated with this studio are highly experienced staff in their field of expertise.  They were also involved in the original casting of animation and voice over of several Indian created productions.
  • Business of Languages- They are a reputed Hindi translation service provider having some of the world’s renowned companies in their client’s list. Including Discovery, Netflix, Fox Life, National Geographic Channel. They are situated in New Delhi and have a team of talented and experienced individuals working who have command over various languages, also having great tie-ups all around India.
  • Neeraj Mishra Voice over artists- They have completed voice overs for over 143 clients, all conducted in Sound Studio in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bhubaneswar, Ahmedabad and have been featured in Limca Book of Records. Some of the most reputed clients are-National Geographic channel, Fox travels.
  • Native Ninja- Native Ninja offers quality and top of the state lip-sync dubbing, voice-over, subtitling, translation, post-production, creatives and access services in Digital, Media & Entertainment Industry for national, international and local clients. Their talented team of transcreation, voice-over artists, and dubbing directors will grasp the essence of each word, pause and emotion to give you a full localized experience.

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Voice Over industry in India - Creative thinks media studio

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