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Why Delhi NCR Radio Stations Need to Launch A Punjabi Music Channel

Being one of the best radio advertising agencies in Delhi, we often tend to conceptualize and execute radio advertisements that lie way beyond the orthodox or within the box mentality. Perhaps, that is one of the leading reasons for our advertisements to end up successfully every single time. Nevertheless, this unconventional approach does some time seem rather difficult to execute because of some of the external factors. And, one of the leading factors that have been really limiting both us as well as the horde of our clients is the lack of any ‘regional language-centric broadcasting options’ that can typically lay a direct impact on the emotions of the audiences. Yes, you guessed it right, we are talking about the commercial radio industry broadcasting within the Delhi NCR region.

While considering the fact that content is unflinchingly invading the old ways of the marketing and advertising industry, it gets tough for anyone to not acknowledge the role-played by vernacular content. Print media has been aware of this scenario since ages and the electronic media learned its lessons years ago. As a matter of fact, even the world leaders in the field of digital media including the new-age digital media marketing maestros concede with this reality. Nevertheless, one of the biggest players in the media marketing and advertising industry, that is, the commercial radio broadcasters are yet to understand the importance of embracing vernacular content as their prime source for broadcasting. Therefore, we’d like to dedicate this blog to all the recognized radio stations who are actively broadcasting within the Delhi NCR region as a suggestion formed with years of experience as well as expertise.

So, here are the top 5 reasons why commercial radio broadcasters in Delhi NCR region should consider initiating a new radio station dedicated to Punjabi music and culture:-

The demographical figures about Delhi NCR yell PUNJABI: the census report of the year 2011 played a significant role in revealing the fact that Delhi NCR is pre-dominantly a home to the Punjabi language favoring crowd. It reported the urban population dwelling inside Delhi and the surrounding industrial areas in two distinct numbers. The first number relates to the population living within the perimeters of the NCT or the National Capital Territory, which corresponds to 16,314,838, and, the other number represents the population dwelling the NCR or the National Capital Region, which corresponds to 21,753,486 people.

Now, the much interesting fact about these figures is that the overall population as reported by the census predominantly belongs to five communities that is the Jats, the Punjabis, the Vaish, the Gujjars and the Sikhs, each with a population density of 10%, 9%, 8%, 7%, and 4% respectively. Cumulatively, they all form up to 34% of the overall reported population. And, each of the five communities speaks a Punjabi influenced dialect and listens actively to the Punjabi music. Now, considering the fact that the most important parameter for the sustenance of any radio station is active listenership, a radio station dedicated to Punjabi music and culture will gather a humongous listenership.

Punjabi music industry has quickly climbed up the ladders to become India’s leading non-film music industry: According to the survey of the economic times, it has been clearly established that Punjabi music industry has become the leading non-film music industry in India in the past decade. The industry has over four hundred registered labels with about twenty leading the roster. It is also approximated that near about twenty songs are written, composed and recorded within a single day inside the perimeters of Mohali, which is known to be the heart of the industry. As a matter of fact, the estimated size of the organized Punjabi music industry is somewhere about 200 crores whereas that of the organized Punjabi music live events is about 500 crores.

It must be noted that an industry with such a gigantic budget also requires active promotional platforms. And, though YouTube and Facebook leadingly support the promotional activates of this industry, there are only a handful of radio shows that promote this industry. Needless to say, having a radio channel dedicated to this industry can attract a rather huge crowd of Punjabi artists and music production houses regarding promotional activities amongst the local crowd of Delhi NCR.

The Punjabi music is, what you can call a modern-day trendsetter: Believe it or not, but kind of impact Punjabi music industry has had on the overall transition of the Indian pop culture within the past decade remains second to none. The industry, is in fact, a live proof of numerous overnight successes. One such case being, the song ‘Prada’ a slow romantic number by Jass Manak which gained instant success with the listeners in merely a fortnight. The song was released on YouTube in mid-June of 2018 and currently stands tall with 453,761,474 views. Furthermore, the fact that the Punjabi Music industry is a true trendsetter can also be established by the kind of success that followed with artists such as Honey Singh or Badshah, who initially trusted in the industry to promote their talent. The aftermath of the success of these artists was a huge boost to the rise in the Hip Hop culture within India. Therefore, it can be well established that a radio station within Delhi NCR dedicates to the Punjabi Music, artists and culture will only flourish if ever initiated.

The audiences in any industry seek a change of taste: We live in an era where there is no limitation to options in any and everything, and listening to radio stations is no exception. The fact that change of taste is well embraced by the target audiences even within an industry that has been conventionally set up and mobilized for more than fifteen years, was established with the success of Radio One in the year 2007. The aforementioned radio station dedicatedly broadcasts English music and shows within three major cities of India that is, Delhi, Bangalore, and Mumbai. The radio station has been well received by both, the listeners as well as advertisers of a differentiated sophisticate class. The story of yet another radio channel that goes by the name Chennai Live is no different. Chennai Live is a dedicated English content-centric commercial radio broadcaster that operates within the perimeters of Chennai and was launched in the year 2008.

Increased efficiency for targeted advertising: Prem Kumar, who is the current COO for Chennai Live stated: “With English radio channels, the premium advertisers get a chance to reach out to an upmarket audience.” Another similar statement was recorded for Sanjay Prabhu, who is the MD of Radio Indigo. Prabhu said “Our advertiser base includes premium cars like BMW, Audi, and Mercedes; upper-end apartment and villas’ dealers, and brands like Apple. 50 % of our advertisers are retailers (in Bengaluru) and they keep coming back.”

If you have gone carefully through the entire blog, then you must be sure of the reasons as to why the leading commercial radio broadcasters need to put their efforts and resources to build a radio station that dedicatedly caters to the local Punjabi centric crowd with the Delhi NCR boundaries. And, if you still are doubtful about this idea, then do consider that we are not only the best radio advertising agency in Noida but amongst the top radio advertising agency in Delhi NCR with years of experience and hordes of awards to prove our point.

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