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Top Radio Jockeys in Metro Cities

Radio Jockeys are the live entertainment we've all tuned in at one point in our life to get away from the boredom of traffic blocks and dull conversations in a car, or for just relaxing. Radio Jockeys can make you emotional as well as make you look into the funnier parts of life with just their voice.

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India -

RJ Naved

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

MirchiMurga's brilliant idea that was formed ages ago is still a hit with the audience and all this is due to Naved's ever-fun personality. He pranks an innocent listener every evening and while it is humorous most of the time, other times it also contains a very profound social message. He is a favorite of people of all generations because of the local Delhi touch in his language that makes him connect with his listeners. He is a great entertainer and also won the Golden Mike 2015 'Best RJ' award.

RJ Raunac

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

A more toned down and simple man, Raunac, plays the irritating yet lovable character of Baua on the radio. With his stupid antics of calling victims as an innocent child who is unable to grasp some basic elements of life, the on-air celebrity has been able to make everyone laugh. His best feature is his unabashed way of presenting the morning show with a band and a song that discusses the latest news in an engaging and entertaining manner. Most Delhi people driving down to work are definitely booking the mornings for Baua.

RJ Sayema

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

RJ Saima's soft, suave, and nostalgic voice is one of the most magical voices to rule the night-time radio band. Her show is all about the 60s, 70s and 80s music, and she also hosts competitions that imitate various legendary musical icons amongst listeners. Sayema has been at the top of radio charts because of her funny, captivating and entertaining style.

RJ Sarthak

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

The daddy of all things rock on-airSarthak was the person who introduced some relatively unconventional but brilliant English music to Delhi listeners, apart from his regular Radiohead and Pearl Jam. Since rapping his links in an amusing yet debonair way as ACDC songs came up next, the way he presents his songs with a flourish was true poetry. Also a great speaker, Sarthak is known to be working around to get his listeners the best of on-air fun and music to make their day during the morning hours.

Top Radio Jockeys of Mumbai

RJ Siddhartha Kannan

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

Siddhartha Kanan landed in the radio sector at the tender age of 14 as a Voice over Artist by trade and celebrity host at other times. Since then the guy on Radio has been delivering some of the best new-age celebrity interviews. He is also a film critic and his funny take on every little sequence of a film makes him popular with audiences as well as celebrities.

RJ Malishka

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

Today, RJ Malishka hosts "Morning Number 1" for Red FM 93.5. An established name among the Indian Radio Jockeys, it is widely known that she is the most liked RJ in the radio industry, who has been on the air for over 10 years. Also, in many Bigg Boss seasons, she showcased her talent as a guest, and she also trained the talented actress VidyaBalan to play the RJ character for LageRahoMunnaBhai. She was awarded the "Best Breakfast Show" at the 2010 Indian Excellence in Radio Awards and she is the people's popular radio darling.

RJ ArchanaPania

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

A complete radio jockey package, ArchanaPania is a boon for the listeners. She works for Radio City and everyone who listens to her is certainly intrigued by her imagination as she introduces herself in her very unique way. The show she is performing with Salil named Kasa Kai Mumbai is one of today's most famous radio shows. Archana truly rocks her radio profession with a heartwarming personality and guests from diverse industries.

RJ Anurag Pandey

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

Recognized for interesting interviews and unique reviews of Bollywood Movies, RJ Anurag is famous for "Picture Pandey," which airs on Fever 104FM. He began his career with All India Radio in Indore and was associated with other FM stations such as 94.6 Win FM, 93.5 Red FM, Channel 4 FM Dubai and World Space Radio. Anurag, a multi-talented RJ being a basketball player at the state level and an Ace shooter, has mastered the art of imitating 36 different voices. He is also Rapa Award Winner for his Kwahish Win FM show.

RJ SalilAcharya

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

Acting, VJing, and RJing- he has done all of it. SalilAcharya works for Radio City 91.1, and is very popular for appearing Bollywood movies like  Awarapan and Aashiqui 2. He also hosted some gigantic events such as Pro Wrestling League and Namaste Wrestlemania. A versatile performer, Salil is a genuine entertainer, and definitely a great actor.

Top Radio Jockeys of Kolkata

RJ Mir

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

RJ Mir is an Indian jockey radio player, TV anchor, singer, comedian, and actor. He's Mirakkel's host, Zee Bangla's comedy show anchor, and most famously radio jockey for Radio Mirchi's Hi Kolkata. He also appears on Radio Mirchi on a Sunday audio-suspense show called Sunday Suspense.

RJ Praveen

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

RJ Praveen’s telling of stories is excellent, with his comic timing being near to perfect. His internationally acclaimed show EkKahaaniAisiBhi is a must-hear from 9-10 pm every day. His most popular line is ‘’AbAgartalaaur Kolkata ke prime time sunne kia adat badalne wali hai!!’’ His radio shows are-

  • MORNING NO. 1 -   7:00 AM to 11:00 AM from Monday to Saturday
  • ARAAMZYADA WEEKEND - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM every Sunday.

RJ Nilam

Soft-spoken, delicate, coated with sugar and next door a very simple girl ... errr! These are the exact opposite terms of what RJ Nilam is about. She is known as 'Kolkata ki GPS' because she knows the city like the back of her hand and she talks about city accolades and clear problems. A total prankster and popular for 'Mata ka Text' where she imitates perfectly the voice of 'lata didi.' She is renowned for her sarcastic humor, and her full approach to the show BajaateRaho.

Rj Neil

Yaarokayaar ... lekar hate me with guitar ... that's Neil! RJ Neil in his show calls a random person and dedicates a song to him on behalf of the listener. The responses we get to hear from the receivers of the message are highly entertaining. Packed with anonymous callers calling in and making surprising secrets make his show a must hear. He is known for his show Masala Nights.

Top Radio Jockeys of Chennai

RJ Ajai

RJ Ajai'sRjing style is just awesome and he's got the "Kolaveri" tinge to it. He's got a loud voice but that doesn't impede the reach he enjoys. He hosts Marina Melodies. Want to enjoy your breakfast? Then just listen to Marina Melodies which is a melodious treat full of interviews with celebrities. The series has been devoted to melody music and Ajai's hosting adds verve to that. For more than a decade R J Ajai has been associated with Mirchi and is reputed to erase our morning blues with the hot happenings.

RJ Shivashankari

RJ Shivshankari, a self-confessed dancer lover, has a lovely voice and she also speaks in a very friendly manner. She presents Rewind Ragam that offers a quick rewind of the 90s golden era. Shivshankari talks about the hot stars of that time. Ok, not just the stars but the fun 90s happenings as well. She also presents KadhalaKadhala by taking on Dr. Love's role, and healing listeners' love affliction. In the different age groups this pretty RJ has a fan following.

RJ Nandini

R J Nandini is always a game for new life and fun happenings. And maybe that is why she took up RJing. She has all the elements of a good RJ and the main one being her bubbly attitude which earned her the audience's liking. She hosts a 98.3 FM show named Goli Soda. Goli Soda is a refreshing series, discussing the happenings of Chennai city and even film news.

RJ Shiva

Well, Sunday is our relaxing day and after a long week of work we want to chill our minds. And Shiva provides us with the required "chill" factor on Radio Mirchi.  Shiva, with his show, takes you all over the world. Shiva has gotten the listeners' attention with his sarcastic approach. The highlight of his jockeying is that by keeping his voice in a serious tone, he's doing comedy. But you appear to chuckle again and again!

RJ Senthil

Well, we 're all used to listening to the stories before we go to bed when we were young. And RJ Senthil on Radio Mirchi offers us bedtime stories. He is easy in discussing stories from around the world. He introduces them in a friendly way so that we are immersed in it. The tales are dark too. One of his series, Love Talkies, has him present different stories while playing songs from Kollywood. The shocking part, as he himself confesses, is that this charming RJ is reserved in real life. In the small screen and big screen, RJ Senthil also tried his luck and acted in the successful Vijay TV series SaravananMeenatchi.

Top Radio Jockeys in Bengaluru


Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

Bengalurians wake up to a great voice from their sleep that lifts their spirits. What is it that you want under the sun? Is that music? Or are they movie industry tidbits? Or real trends? You name it and in ‘The Breakfast Show’Rachna will be showcasing it for you. Indeed, Bengaluru is a diverse city and the attitude of Rachna also gels with that. She is a sweet, witty person and she has a strong attitude. She's got the knack of conversation and she doesn't bother you at all about the traffic ... that's her attitude. You’re just not going to get crazy but also mesmerized with this sweet RJ.

RJ Lavanya

In Radio Mirchi, the efficient R j Lavanya hosts MunjaaneRaaga Show. Coming to the radio in the morning, RJ Lavanya’s show ‘Suprabhata’ tells us the Vedic chants and also simplifies their meaning for us.

RJ Siri

Here is a list of top Radio Jockeys of Metro cities in India, famous rj INDIA

The shows hosted by RJ Siri include Rewind Raaga, Just MaathMaathali and Oota Model Thindi Cross. Oota Layout Thindi Cross is the only glimpse of Bengaluru that reviews hotels and restaurants at ease. She is very enthusiastic and energetic in her approach. And we get to know about our favorite stars in Only MaathMaathalli, also some details which can surprise us.

RJ Sudesh

This talented RJ presents AakaashaIshteYaakideyo and Mirchi Box Item while playing romantic tunes at night in the former. Sudesh. In the latter he plays fresh tunes for your listening ears together with RJ Guru. And yes the performance has a tinge of silliness.

RJ Guru

RJ Guru kicked off a host of shows like Dr. Love on 98.3 FM, commonly named as Love Guru. He made a mark for himself after he came into notice, and was widely recognized by the listeners. Jockeying actually took a new turn with his presentation.

RJ Aishwarya

RJ Aishwarya 's two shows are Mirchi Gang of Girls and Nan Life Nan Style. R J Aishwarya forms a cute gang to add flavor to Mirchi Gang of Girls with RJ Shreya and RJ Rachna. And this suave RJ talks about people’s lifestyles in Nan Life Nan Style including fitness, food, clothes, vehicles etc.

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