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Best Practices To Increase Google Page Speed Score

We all are aware of how much effort is usually put into creating a website that is creative and interesting and many times these amazing websites which are so appealing don't work or fail to get website traffic- there can be many reasons behind this such as SEO, keywords, backlinks, or your website speed. Yes, even the speed of your website determines your rankings and your reach on the search engine. One of the most used search engines Google says- “ speed equals revenue.”  which simply means if your site is slow you are losing many prospects, visitors, clients, or customers. Let’s understand everything step by step.

What is Google Page Speed Score Insight?

Check Google Pagespeed Score - CTM Tools

Google Page Speed Score is a free tool specially created by Google to calculate and analyze the speed of a particular page which basically determines how fast your content loads. This speed depends upon a lot of things such as coding, images. text content etc. Many times people confuse this score with load time. So Page speed score is a calculation made by the software they take into account raw performance metrics and score the website from 1 to 100. On the other hand, load time is not a calculation time but actually the amount of time took for a user to load a website. Moreover, load time wouldn’t give you the right explanation for why your website isn’t loading as fast as possible.

Why does this score matter?

Why does website speed score matter in SEO

There are many reasons why this score matter and why you should care about this score:

  1. Google gives preferences to websites with better scores so as to enhance the user experience.
  2. Users dislike slower websites. Users want their information as soon as possible and with the advent of technologies and higher speed internet, the patience level of a user is going down.
  3. On the off chance that your page doesn't load speedily, clients will invest less energy in your site. Regardless of whether they trust that your page will load at first, they won't trust that extra pages will load since they probably won't have enough patience for each further page to load.

What Is Considered as a Good PageSpeed Score?

ways to get good speed score for website | how to get 90 website speed score test - CTM

Even though a perfect 100 is what every website should aim for while improving its website score, in reality, you might not be able to achieve a 100 even after making significant changes on your website content.

In this kind of situation, any business or website owner should aim for the maximum optimization of your resources to get the best results. According to google any score between 0-49 is poor,  between 50 and 89 is an average score, and a great score is 90+.  So if your website is rated somewhere between 80-100 you might not want to spend too much time altering the important contents you want viewers to see and work on the experience your viewers are getting once they land on your website. 

Practices you must adopt to increase your Google Page Speed Score:

ways to get good speed score for website | how to get 90 website speed score test - CTM
Simplify your coding:

Many times our website has coding which the page doesn’t even require  but it's there and it affects how the page is processed by a search engine. In that case, you can use software that can help you simplify your coding and make it much smoother for the browser to adapt to. Now can do it in two ways either you use manual checking of each program you have written or you can use tools that are available to do the tasks such as

  1. HTML minified to minify coding in the HTML
  2. CSSNano can be used for CSS codings.
  3. Closure Compiler works great for minifying Javascript.

Optimize the Images:

Image Optimization is often the most common problem why a website has a slow load time. Especially in websites where multiple people are uploading content on a daily basis and it's difficult to keep track of imagery standards. Few practices can be adapted to optimize the image content on the website are:

ways to get good speed score for website | how to get 90 website speed score test - CTM
  1. Check whether you need or do not need so many images on the website. Firstly remove the clutter.
  2. Compress images without losing the quality for this you can use software like TinyPng etc that reduces the size without hampering the quality of image.
  3. Pictures are often displayed larger than they are required and this can be controlled if you reduce the display size of the image.
  4. You can use Deferring off-screen images where the images load on a page only when a user scrolls down which can help you save a lot of time.

Reduce the amount of number and size of large files:

ways to get good speed score for website | how to get 90 website speed score test - CTM

Often a website has a lot of materials which are for customers and readers such as ebooks, guidelines, brochures and these are usually very heavy files. Even though these are meant to enhance the user experience often they lead to lowering the website and that is not a very great thing. The best way to manage is to reduce the size of these files as much as possible and only keep the important ones on your website.

Work with the re-directs:

As you make changes to your site, moving and erasing pages will lead you to make diverts. Doing this will make it simpler to guide your crowd to the correct pages.

301 redirect issue resolve by CTM

Be that as it may, this can make issues down the line. Having too many divert joins, it can hinder your page by expanding the number of HTTP demands, which adversely impacts your speed.

You can improve your site's speed by diminishing the number of redirects, however just when it is essential. Expel any unneeded redirects to help divert crowds to the correct pages.

Make effective use of browser caching:

At the point when somebody loads a page, the browser takes time to load everything on the page. This incorporates things like pictures and JavaScript documents.

browser caching - how to resolve how to get good website speed score

Browser caching makes an impact through a significant piece of lessening your page's load time. At the point when you are utilizing program reserving, you briefly spare the data. With program storing, whenever a client gets to your page, the program doesn't need to reload the whole page. This empowers your page to load faster and convey a quicker encounter for your crowd. Use browser caching for a quicker page loading time to keep your leads on your site.

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