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Fresh Of The Block Campaign From Policy Bazaar Featuring Akshay Kumar

In a country that consists of 130 crore people and 800 + broadcasting channels, the competition to attract viewership remains laborious. But the sole thing that joins the nation, no matter which region they reside in or which language they interact in, is sports; particularly cricket. This is conceivably the reason why cricket draws onto itself 93% of sports viewership in India.

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is the largest cricketing festival in the nation. Now stepped into its 13th edition, IPL viewership continues to pick up the threads for where it left, by enjoying growth year on year, pointing to the fact that it continues to persist a dynamic and much desirable property on television, so much so that at one stage Star Sports was spending more in broadcasting rights for the IPL than it was financing for India’s international matches.

its been just three days since IPL has commenced and we can easily see a daily average viewership of 80 lac, this just shows the craze amongst the Indian audience for the Indian premier league, and this craze and obsession just got amplified because of the long break after which the current season has started off, and we can see that policy bazaar has come and smashed the iron right when it was hot.

Owing to the vast audience and viewership of ipl Online insurance marketplace, Policybazaar has taken the chance and has launched a new ad campaign with its brand ambassador Akshay Kumar. The Bollywood actor has been linked with the brand since 2018. The latest campaign, ‘AapKiSideHai’, showcases the brand’s vow of "always being on the customer’s side".

“While we carry on or continue to display the need of Healthcare & Term life Insurance by our marketing campaigns, with the brands promise of Policybazaar AapKiSideHai, we also desire that Policybazaar should come across as a customer-centric brand, that is devoted to standing by its consumers, both pre and post-purchase,” said Samir Sethi, Head of Brand Marketing,

The ads will run in the course of the ongoing season of the Indian Premium League (IPL) on television and digital platforms. K Silent Productions being the producer of the film and directed by Anu Menon.

Policybazaar has been steadily running advertisements on TV since the beginning of this fiscal year. According to sources, the brand could be in the list of the top 10 advertisers during IPL this year.

 Policybazaar, says the focus of the brand’s belligerent or aggressive marketing push is to untangle or simplify the products and the category for their customers. they believe that Insurance is a fairly complex product and you need someone to help you with the product features during your buying and post-purchase journey. The year 2020 has taught them the importance of protecting themselves and they wish to reach a newer set of consumers with the campaign.

A few months ago, Policybazaar also conducted telly ads campaigns featuring actor Sumeet Vyas to create understanding and consciousness about health and term insurance. In a recent article, executives at leading insurance companies said they expect to see a lot more clear communication and simplicity in products and overall buying experience in the category.

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