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Best Marketing Campaigns of all time

Marketing in today’s world where the competition is so high is getting difficult every day because it’s not just about brand visibility now, it's about making an impact, creating relationships with customers, getting the right ROI, Retaining brand position and much more. But if we look back at the most successful campaigns of all time we understand firstly the marketing has to be memorable and impactful. The Ads or TVCs which are created in a way not to just grab attention but to actually stay with the audience even after they are gone. Here are the best marketing campaigns of all time which are still remembered for their impact and way of storytelling.

Maggie Relaunch:

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Maggie which is a go-to meal for many people is very famous for its 2-minute noodles tagline. The brand faced a setback in 2015 and was banned in India for a short period but when they relaunched the brand it again became a sensation in India. The best thing about Maggie is that they always show very middle-class ordinary people in the advertisement which is also the brand audience which creates a very organic and authentic relationship with the brand.

Ariel Matic – #ShareTheLoad:

For the longest time TVCs have shown women doing house chores and re-establishing the fact that housework is a women’s job and these products like soaps, detergents are targeted for women only. Ariel Matic’s  #ShareTheLoad campaign broke off these traditional ads and promoted the fact that it’s not women who are only responsible for the house chores. The ad is progressive and defines a statement for the current generation who looks for equality. This brand here fulfilled its social responsibility as well as did a good job in marketing.

 Fevicol – #TodoNahiJodo:

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Fevicol has also always created very distinctive ads for its brand but this campaign was the most memorable one. The campaign was launched during the 2015 WorldCup where the brand showed the Rivalry between India and Pakistan in a very positive way- they portrayed two soldiers at the border and the Indian Soldier helps a Pakistan Soldier by fixing his shoe and rescues him from the embarrassment.  The brand here did a great job of using the cricket world cup in the campaign as we all know how crazy Indians are for cricket and the positive message was cherry on top as it sent a message of healthy and fair competition between the too and helped the brand to send their message across.

Amul Marketing Campaign:

Amul marketing has been consistent and always been at the top of its game. The Amul girl and the cartoon from Amul have always hit the bullseye for the brand. The cartoon has been a constant marketing strategy for the brand and used many on-going topics to promote their brand. The lesson that all must take away from Amul is consistency is the key to keep your positioning floating in the market and to stay connected with your audience.

 Lifebuoy Marketing Campaign:

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When I say Lifebuoy so many of us instantly think of- Bunty tera Sabun slow hai kya? Lifebuoy’s children-oriented campaigns always connect to customers, the campaign is not a genius in creativity but a great example of how simple messages can be hard-hitting and how efficiently you can sell your brand. The constant messaging with simple taglines also works wonderfully. Brands need to understand that a viewer should receive the message as smoothly as possible.

Rebranding- Vodafone Zoozoos:

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 Zoozoos helped the Vodafone to rebrand itself from Hutch to Vodafone and the transition was a very difficult one to make but hands down to Vodafone for creating a campaign that could beat the Hutch-pug campaign and make the transition so swiftly. The tagline-  Zoozoos are “happy to help you” also created an image of the brand very definitively with clear cut messages and also not to forget how cute these Zoozoos appealed to be which was too made them the center of attention.

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